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Surrogate Mother Financial Compensation

1st time surrogate2nd time surrogate3rd time surrogate
All other states$25,000$28,000$30,000

Surrogate Mother Expenses: (Paid from your Intended Parents’ trust account)
$1,000-$1,500Embryo transfer fee per cycle includes: lost wages for surrogate mother and spouse, childcare, meals, parking, mileage and other misc. expenses. Amount determined by the distance to the fertility clinic.
$200-$400 Monthly expenses begin when legal clearance is issued by attorneys and ends at 6th week of pregnancy. Covers surrogate mother personal expenses for match meeting, medical appointments/procedures, childcare, lost wages, mileage, etc.
$200/week Childcare - starting at 34th week of pregnancy until 2 weeks after delivery or doctor ordered bed rest or hospitalization.
$200/week Housekeeping - starting at 34th week of pregnancy until 2 weeks after delivery or doctor ordered bed rest or hospitalization.
$5,000 Surrogate mother travel includes airline travel, ground transportation and hotel accommodation.
$250 Attorney review and clearance of surrogate mother medical insurance policy.
$1,000 Surrogate's independent attorney fee. ($750 - contract review + $250 review of documents for finalization.)
$250-$400 Life insurance annual premium (Face value of term policy: $250,000)
$1,000 Maternity clothing allowance ($500 paid at 14th and 20th week)
$100 Group support meeting: if surrogate drives within 60 miles
$100 + mileage Group support meeting: if surrogate drives more than 60 miles
$200 +mileage + hotel Group support meeting: if surrogate drives more than 60 miles and stays 1 night
$200 + flightGroup support meeting: if surrogate flies to group
$300 + flight + hotel Group support meeting: if surrogate flies to group and stays 1 night
Actual Lost wages for surrogate: Doctor order only. First 10 days are included in surrogate compensation, thereafter actual net lost wages
Actual Lost wages for surrogate's spouse: Net wages not to exceed 8 days

Medical Procedure Fees:
• Twin fee:$8,000
• C-section for singleton$4,000
• Mock cycle:$250
• Drop/cancelled cycle:$500
• CVS:$500
• Amniocentesis:$500
• Selective Reduction:$1000
• Termination:$1000
• Miscarriage:$500
• D & C:$500(per pregnancy lost)
• D & E:$1,000(per pregnancy lost & includes miscarriage fee)
• Loss of uterus:$3,000
• Loss of tube(s): $1,200

1. Surrogate compensation is reduced by $2,000 if Intended Parents pay for medical insurance premiums.

2. First 2-weeks/80-hours of lost wages are included in the surrogate’s compensation.

3. C-Section fee includes childcare and housekeeping.

Surrogate Mother Compensation: - payments begin 6 weeks after a transfer that results in a pregnancy

All fees quoted in US dollars and based on July 2012 estimate

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