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Fay Johnson - Program Administrator/Case Manager

Fay Johnson is the Program Administator in the California office. She is the proud mother of two children born with the help of surrogate mothers in CSP’s program and is available to couples in our program as a source of guidance and comfort.

Fay Johnson doesn't believe in luck, but credits fate in bringing her to CSP. After years of unsuccessful infertility treatments, Fay's husband Bob made a call in 1988 that was a wrong number - the 'wrong' number was answered by Bill Handel and a week later, Fay and Bob came into CSP for a consultation. At that time, Fay worked in the film industry in an office about one mile away from CSP, and yet had been unable to find any companies dealing in surrogacy. After all they had been through trying to have children, Fay will never forget their consultation and meeting with Bill Handel and Dr. Hilary Hanafin. "I knew that this was the light at the end of my tunnel, and I knew that with the help of CSP we would become parents!" Fay and Bob went on to have two children with CSP, a daughter named Lily, and four years later a son named Chase.

Remembering her great frustration in trying to research information about surrogacy, Fay became the Director of National Headquarters for The Organization of Parents Through Surrogacy (OPTS) after Lily was born. She held this volunteer position for seven years before joining the staff of CSP in 1997. Fay believes in the "prime the pump theory" of life, and has tried to put some good back into the world through her work in surrogacy. As someone who has been through infertility and surrogacy, Fay is uniquely qualified to give guidance and emotional support to our couples. She is a recognized member of the surrogacy community and has written and spoken on the subject in many forums, including articles, radio, documentaries and national television.

Although Fay was raised in the Boston area and still returns to New Hampshire every summer, she loves living in California. Most of all though, she loves being a parent.

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