How to Start your Own Holiday Traditions

Tuesday, November 29, 2016
Christmas Baby
Starting Family Holiday Traditions
Family traditions allow new families to build an identity and have a chance to bond. In a world that is valuing separation through technology, it is important to figure out ways to get members of your family together in a very human capacity. This allows everyone to relate on a human level and give everyone some common ground for togetherness and conversations. After all, some of the best times together come from memories that allow a jumping-off point and create a way to bring up many different subjects.

Beginning a new family is filled with joys and a sense of adventure. At CSP, Inc., we know the importance of preserving traditions for families, but we know it can be difficult to start a new tradition for your little ones. Here are 5 suggestions for making fresh family holiday memories.
Mother and Child Making Christmas Cookies

Keep What You Have

When coming together as a family, it is important to know what the current traditions are for each family member. Merging traditions is the easiest way to create new traditions for the entire family.

Look to Childhood

Recall something from your own past that makes you look back at and think, "That was a great idea!" Chances are that you had some traditions that you enjoyed as a child. Bring those traditions back, and tell the story of how you felt and what you did while you create the new tradition.

Choose Something Everyone Likes

Holiday traditions aren't all about you. If you find something that each member of the family enjoys, it will have more of an opportunity to survive and become a tradition. Singing carols might not be your cup of tea, but if it is something the rest of the family loves, you might have to make the sacrifice and learn to love it, too.

Ask What Others Do

Find out what other families do during the holidays. You can ask friends, coworkers, people on Facebook, or even your waitress.
Family at Christmas

Choose Something Simple

Traditions don't have to be complicated. They can be as simple as making snowflakes, hanging the same Christmas tree topper, or going to the same vacation spot every year. The only thing a tradition needs is to be consistently done every year. Some traditions don't even need to be done at the same time.

No matter what you choose to do, it is important to not force traditions on the others in the family. If there is active resistance to an idea, just let that one go. The United States isn't known for its hefty number of traditions. At CSP, we recognize the importance of traditions for a family unit. What makes traditions work is finding out the best ones to start for your new family.