Surrogate Mother's - Making Dreams Come True

Thursday, March 08, 2018
Surrogate Support Group
CSP Celebrates Our Generous Surrogate Moms
As International Women's Day approaches, we want to honor some of the most selfless, giving and naturally empathetic women we know: surrogate mothers. Thanks to these incredible women, couples who struggled to conceive, same-sex couples and single parents all over the world are able to enjoy the families they thought they'd never have. After Kim Kardashian & Kanye West recently welcomed their third child via surrogacy, we ask what drives these extraordinary individuals to offer this most precious gift to strangers?

It may surprise you to know that the world's leading surrogacy agency has offices in California, Nevada and Maryland and also conducts surrogate mom group support meeting in Encino, Corona and Sonoma California - Denver, Colorado - Las Vegas, Nevada - Annapolis, Maryland and Chicago, Illinois. The Center for Surrogate Parenting (CSP) is the oldest surrogacy agency in the world. CSP has welcomed more than 2,500 babies to the ever-expanding CSP family! CSP is proud to say they have never had a surrogate mother change her mind about returning the baby to the parents. In any given year, CSP screens hundreds of potential surrogate mothers. Of those applicants, approximately 1/8 of them will complete the screening process and go on to be a surrogate.
Surrogate with Son

Surrogates of Tomorrow

Almost all surrogacies these days are gestational surrogacies, where the surrogate has no genetic link to the baby. An embryo is created from the intended parent's sperm and eggs, or donor eggs and/or sperm, and is implanted into the gestational carrier via IVF. Having said that, surrogacy seems to be in the blood for some people. CSP currently has several surrogates in their program whose own mothers were surrogates for CSP. There are also two women that were brought into the world via a CSP surrogate who now are surrogates themselves!

So, who are these honorable women offering the gift of life? One thing they all have in common is that they are mothers. Many have been touched by infertility themselves having had family or friends who have struggled to conceive. Frequently seen also are women working in the fertility field wishing to help the people they see at their workplace.

Surrogate Requirements

There are certain minimum requirements for anyone thinking of becoming a surrogate. Aside from being a mother, they need to have had no serious complications during previous pregnancies and deliveries. They have to have a healthy BMI, be between 21 to 42 years old and must be non-smokers. They should be able to drive and have their own car. Potential surrogates must also be financially stable. “While financial incentives can be a secondary motive for a surrogate to apply to our program, ideally, we are looking for women who are pursuing a surrogacy journey for more altruistic reasons,” says Perla Piekutowski, Program Administrator for CSP's East Coast office. “In our experience, we find that the relationship between a surrogate mother and intended parents is much more positive when money isn't the sole motivation.”
Surrogates Exercising

Real Surrogate's Share Their Thoughts

Holly, a first-time surrogate who looked into becoming a surrogate after having 2 of her own children via IVF said, “I had no idea people actually received compensation for this. I wanted to work with an agency so I could benefit from the experience and protection that they offer and was shocked when I realized there was compensation involved. It almost made me question my own motives and I waited a bit longer before submitting my application until I was 100% sure I was doing it for the right reasons.”

Julie, a two-time surrogate, carried two sets of twins for two different couples. She first started thinking about surrogacy after her own second pregnancy and acted on it after having her third child, knowing that her own family was complete but that she was not finished being pregnant. She was told at an early age that she might have difficulty carrying a pregnancy but went on to have 3 uncomplicated pregnancies. She knew she wanted to help someone else in creating a family. After some thorough research, she contacted CSP because of their experience in the field. “I chose to work with CSP because, at that time, they had already been in business for 25 years, their website answered all my questions and left me with no doubt that I would be in good hands if they accepted me.” That was the start of a relationship lasting 13 years and leading to employment with the agency because of her love and dedication to the field.

Reason's Surrogate Want to Help

Many surrogate mothers start looking into surrogacy because they have same-sex family members, or friends or colleagues who have struggled with infertility. Alison chose to work with a same-sex couple after seeing close friends struggle to find someone to help them create a family. She said, “Seeing how rough it was for them dealing with the bigotry and biases which still exist today made me determined to help someone in that same position.” One surrogate mother already considering surrogacy chose to help a same-sex couple after hearing a gay friend say they might marry a woman someday because he really wanted a family. “No-one should have to hide who they are in order to be a parent. I wanted to show them there is always a way to have a family. The important thing is to be true to yourself and who you love.”
Baby Smiling
The ultimate goal for surrogates is that magic moment when their intended parents are handed their baby or babies. “The look of pure joy on their faces makes morning sickness and hormone shots so completely worth it,” says Sarah. Many surrogates say it is not being pregnant that they are addicted to but rather the elation of seeing a family created before their eyes and knowing you played such an important part. Some women find the whole experience life changing. “There are so many emotions at that point in the delivery room but a sense of pride and self-worth are the ones that stay with you,” said Jennifer, a first-time surrogate. “It gave me the confidence and drive to go back to school and finish my Masters in Reproductive Health.”

International Woman's Day

International Women's Day is a global celebration of the achievements of women from all walks of life. Creating a family via surrogacy is an incredible achievement. In fact, any women that even considers surrogacy is a very special person and deserves to be celebrated. Those lucky enough to be part of the process are seen as angels by many, including intended parents, medical specialists and agency staff. As surrogacy becomes an increasingly common choice, it is truly heart-warming to know there are such inspirational angels in the world capable of making a family's dream come true.