CSP Newsletters

CSP Newsletter Fall 2017CSP Newsletter Fall 2017
  • Surrogate Profile - Julie Kronen: CSP Surrogate Mother Case Manager, Labor and Delivery nurse and CSP surrogate mother shares her personal story.
CSP Newsletter Spring 2017CSP Newsletter Spring 2017
  • Same Sex Surrogacy Pioneers: CSP couple, Steven and Brian reflect on their surrogacy journey.
CSP Newsletter Winter 2017CSP Newsletter Winter 2017
  • Mother knows best: mother and daughter both find fulfillment as surrogate mothers.
CSP Newsletter Summer 2016CSP Newsletter Summer 2016
  • Surrogacy Journey: From pain to passion
CSP Newsletter Fall 2015CSP Newsletter Fall 2015
  • Sherrie Smith Begins a New Chapter
CSP Newsletter Winter 2015CSP Newsletter Winter 2015
  • Nevada: A Great State to be a Gestational Carrier
  • Meet Our Nevada Staff
CSP Newsletter Fall 2014CSP Newsletter Fall 2014
  • Second-Generation Surrogate Mothers
  • A Husband Pays Tribute to His Wife
CSP Newsletter Fall 2013CSP Newsletter Fall 2013
  • Understanding Pregnancy Loss:
  • Born to be a Surrogate
CSP Newsletter Spring 2013CSP Newsletter Spring 2013
  • Brooke Landau's Surrogacy Journey
  • Latest Advances in Preimplantation Genetic Screening
  • CSP's Crucial Role in California's New Surrogacy Law
CSP Newsletter Summer 2012CSP Newsletter Summer 2012
  • A Tale of Two Surrogacy Agencies
  • The Truth About Twins
  • UK Immigration Issues
CSP Newsletter Spring 2010CSP Newsletter Spring 2010
  • TLC's "The Little Couple", Bill Klein and Jennifer Arnold, visited CSP's office in Encino
  • Featured Staff Member: Majorie Simpson
  • 2010 Stats
CSP Newsletter Summer 2010CSP Newsletter Summer 2010
  • Six Degrees of Separation..Genetically Speaking
  • Featured Staff Member: Molly O'Brien
  • A-PART Conference
CSP Newsletter Winter 2010CSP Newsletter Winter 2010
  • A Solid Financial Structure
  • Why CSP?
  • Tales of a Surrogate Mother
  • 2009 interesting Facts
CSP Newsletter Winter 2009CSP Newsletter Winter 2009
  • Surrogacy and Insurance
  • Advertising For a Good Cause
  • CSP Launches Spanish Site!
CSP Newsletter Spring 2009CSP Newsletter Spring 2009
  • Failed Surrogacy Agencies
  • CSP trust funds are Individually protected by FDIC insurance.
  • Our trust accounts are audited quarterly by an independent CPA office.