Letters from CSP Intended Parents - Allen and Dexter

We chose CSP because it was the best agency in the business. Our friend initially referred us to CSP describing it as the "Gold Standard" of surrogate agencies and through our experience, we found the description to be accurate. CSP can be differentiated by their wonderful pool of surrogate mothers. We have been paired with two wonderful surrogates through both of our journeys with a very short waiting period. As gay intended parents, we found that CSP was the best agency for gay intended parents. A third of CSP Intended Parents are now gay. Our surrogates have told us that many of CSP's surrogates prefer to work with gay intended parents. We found by choosing CSP, our wait time was less than going with an agency where the majority of the Intended Parents were gay.

Our experience with CSP has been wonderful. We were assigned counselors who knew their surrogates intimately and properly vetted any issues. Our case manager was also available to assist us. As we went through our journey, CSP staff was always thorough in explaining next steps and providing us options. We truly felt that we were good in hands. Today, we have a beautiful daughter who is now two years. We are now working with CSP for our second child and know we have less to worry about with the help of CSP.

Many Thanks,
Allen and Dexter