Parents from Australia

"At every stage, CSP was an empathetic, highly-skilled professional agency who offered whatever support was needed. They genuinely care about everyone involved in the surrogacy journey, and CSP was wonderful to work with. CSP's attention to detail, understanding of the process, and warmth made them an indispensable part of our journey. Meeting the CSP team gave us the confidence to move forward with this life-changing experience."

Jess & Dave (parents to a son through surrogacy, age 6), NSW

"CSP were the end of a very long and emotional road to parenthood for us. From the moment we met with CSP in LA our hope was restored.

On a personal level, every step of the process with CSP was supportive, and thoughtful. They found us an amazing surrogate which was a dream match for us.

On the business side, the agency is so experienced that we felt completely confident with the logistics and legal details that they organized for us. Everything was water tight and seamless.

We are a CSP success story - now the mother of 7 year old twins. There's not a day goes by that we don't thank the CSP team for making our dream come true."

Catherine, Sydney

"We can't even begin to describe how amazing our beautiful journey has been with our surrogate and CSP. In 2014, we welcomed our son into the world in California and a few months ago our beautiful daughter. CSP was there for us all every step of the way. We have all formed a close bond and are thrilled to be part of the CSP extended family."

Paul, Ben, Dylan & Delilah from Sydney
Surrogacy Parents - Paul and Ben

Twenty years ago we were living in Australia and I was unable to carry a child myself.

The only way to achieve my dream of becoming a mum was via an overseas commercial surrogacy arrangement. Through word of mouth and research we got in contact with CSP (Center for Surrogate Parenting). To this day we are so incredibly grateful to ALL the very experienced caring and professional staff at CSP. Without their vast knowledge, patience and caring advice we would have most likely given up on our journey.

I struggled with additional medical complications which meant delays in our journey. Despite the geographic distance and challenging communication channels back then, CSP never gave up on us they showed us that their time was never more important than ours. For CSP, helping create families is NOT just a business - it is a MISSION of all of the staff to never stop helping those who can't create a family. They do this so well and have done so for over 36 years.

Lisa, John, Joshua and Lucas Banfield from Sydney
Surrogacy Parents - Lisa and John

"We investigated surrogacy in Australia but there was no real option open to us due to state prohibition laws. In researching surrogacy options in the US, we looked at about 20 agencies and then reduced the number to three. Even at this early stage, CSP stood out. After meeting with CSP, it was clear that they took considerable care to ensure everybody associated with the surrogacy arrangement understood what their rights and obligations were, the interests of the surrogate were placed above that of the commissioning parents and the qualifications for becoming a surrogate were onerous and they could not be doing it purely for financial gain. We had little hesitation in choosing CSP as we considered it a model agency.

Our surrogacy ended up with healthy twin girls. We have ongoing contact with our surrogate mother and with our egg donor. Our experience has been a very good one, and we are thankful for that. But in large part, our view is that our very positive experience did not just happen from luck or chance. CSP had procedures in place that significantly reduced, if not eliminated, controllable risks associated with surrogacy."
A very happy family in Sydney
Surrogacy Twins - Sydney

CSP has been supporting us through surrogacy since 2009. Since we signed with CSP we have had 2 beautiful children and could not be more grateful to everyone in the team. CSP has always been there to answer all of our MANY questions over the years.

CSP has shown great empathy when things didn't go to plan and is quick to seek outside professional advice when required to keep the process moving along. CSP has a strong network of IVF specialists that they call upon if medical advice is required and has done this on many occasions for us.
CSP is quick to respond to queries and it is obvious that they care very much for all of their Intended Parents.

Surrogacy can be a complicated and emotional process so it is imperative that you have a great team working with you and supporting you, with CSP you really feel as though you are all working together to achieve the same goal and anything is possible.

Shane and Elicia - Western Australia
Surrogacy Children - Western Australia