Intended Parents

Intended Parents

Raising a child is one of the special joys of life. Unfortunately, nearly 1 out of 5 couples is denied this experience because of problems beyond the control of the medical professionals. Surrogacy could be the next step for many of these couples or really any couple that has the desire to become a parent. The Center for Surrogate Parenting, Inc., is a world-renowned surrogate parenting program with offices in California and Maryland. We are here to help you find the ideal surrogate.

Benefits of Surrogacy

Having a child with the help of a surrogate can be an exciting and fulfilling way to create your family. Unlike some alternatives, the surrogacy process allows your child to be biologically related to either partner in the relationship or both parents using in vitro fertilization. It also gives you the opportunity to be involved in the entire pregnancy process. Your child is conceived because of your desire, hard work, and dedication to becoming parents. We believe the true genesis of your child is his or her creation in your minds and hearts. Surrogacy is a great solution for many couples, gay or straight.

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We realize the journey to create your family with the help of a third party involves a considerable financial and emotional investment on your part. Our goal is to provide you with professional care and guidance to afford you the greatest opportunity to achieve a pregnancy and to ensure that your journey with our program is as calm and relaxed as possible.

We offer a personalized touch to the entire process. Some agencies randomly pair surrogates with intended parents based on similarities. There is no random matching with our surrogate services. We allow the intended parents to choose from our highly qualified and experienced surrogates.

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