Estimated Costs of Gestational Surrogacy (In Vitro Fertilization)

Center for Surrogate Parenting, Inc. Fee - $22,000

$9,500Upon signing the retainer ($2,000 additional for residents outside the U.S. & Canada)
$9,500Upon signing the surrogate contract
$3,000Upon confirmation of embryo transfer
$200 per month Administration & Trust Fee upon signing a Tentative Match Agreement

Surrogate Mother Compensation - payments begin 6 weeks after a transfer that results in a pregnancy

1st time surrogate2nd time surrogate3rd time surrogate
All other states$25,000$28,000$30,000

Additional Compensation - Twin fee: $8,000 + compensation noted above

Surrogate Mother Expenses:

$1,000CSP discretionary fund for match meeting personal expenses (childcare, mileage, etc.) and/or any unexpected expenses for your surrogate mother such as specialty medical appointments (amnio, D&C, etc.)
$300-$400 per monthPre-pregnancy monthly non-accountable expense amount to cover surrogate mother personal expenses for medical appointments or procedures, childcare, lost wages, mileage, etc. Starts when CSP receives the legal clearance letter from IP attorney and ends at 6th week post transfer that results in a pregnancy.
$1,000 or $1,500Embryo transfer fee per cycle includes: lost wages for surrogate mother and spouse, childcare, meals, parking, mileage and other misc. expenses. Amount determined by the distance to the fertility clinic.
$1,800Childcare - $200 per week starting at 32nd week post transfer that results in a pregnancy and continues until 2 weeks after delivery. Also applicable for doctor ordered bed rest and/or hospitalization.
$1,800Housekeeping - $200 per week starting at 32nd week post transfer that results in a pregnancy and continues until 2 weeks after delivery. Also applicable for doctor ordered bed rest and/or hospitalization.
$2,500 - 5,000Surrogate mother travel includes airline travel, ground transportation and hotel accommodation if applicable
$1,000Attorney review & clearance of surrogate mother medical insurance policy. Includes assistance in obtaining a policy.
$1,000Surrogate's independent attorney fee. ($750 - contract review + $250 review of documents for finalization.)
$250-$400Life insurance annual premium (Face value of term policy: $250,000)
$1,000Maternity clothing allowance ($500 paid at 10th & 14th week post transfer that results in a pregnancy)
$1,500Group support meeting expense & allowance (after legal clearance is issued) - amount determined by location & travel costs
ActualLost wages for surrogate mother only paid for: doctor ordered bed rest, maternity leave and specialty medical appointments. The first 10 working days are included in surrogate compensation.
ActualLost wages for surrogate's spouse: net wages not to exceed 8 days total: 3 days prior to pregnancy + 5 days for pregnancy and delivery.

Surrogate Mother Medical Expenses:

$3,000Screening costs (Psychological, medical testing for surrogate mother & spouse, background check, personal expenses)
Pay DirectlyIVF/Embryo transfer (Intended Parents pay all IVF & embryo transfer fees directly to IVF doctor/facility.)
$2,500 or $5,000Outside medical costs (Includes lab fees, fertility drugs, ultrasounds, hospital costs). Amount dependent on where the surrogate mother is monitored in preparation for the embryo transfer.

Surrogate Mother Medical Expenses for Pregnancy & Delivery:

TBDMedical insurance premiums based on 15 months. If surrogate has her own insurance, no premiums are due. If a policy needs to be purchased prior to conception, average cost is $ 400.00 per month, continuing one to two months post birth. Some intended parents may need or choose to purchase a Lloyd's of London Surrogate Maternity Coverage Plan. These costs are not included in this cost estimate but paid directly to the broker agency supplying the policy.
TBDMedical co-pays and deductibles. Most 80/20% policies are estimated to be $3,000.

Medical Procedure Fees:

• Mock cycle:$250
• Drop/cancelled cycle:$500
• CVS:$500
• Amniocentesis:$500
• C-section$4,000
• Selective Reduction:$1,000
• Termination:$1,000
• Miscarriage:$500
• D & C:$500 (per pregnancy lost)
• D & E:$1,000 (per pregnancy lost & includes miscarriage fee)
• Loss of uterus:$3,000
• Loss of tube(s):$1,200

Financial Notes:

  • Surrogate compensation is reduced by $2,000 if intended parents pay for medical insurance premiums
  • C-section fee includes childcare and housekeeping
  • Fees for all other medical procedures do not include expenses such as mileage, lost wages and childcare

Counseling Associates Services - Estimated Fees: $6,425
Anticipated psychological counseling fees - counseling services for intended parents and surrogate mother with licensed mental health professionals.

$1,000Counseling Associates retainer fee
$650Upon matching with surrogate mother ($950.00 outside the U.S. & Canada)
$500Upon confirmation of pregnancy
Approx. $4,275: $285.00 per month, starting at match and ending one month after birth - minimum 15 months

Intended Parents Direct Costs:

$8,000 - $12,000Independent attorney representation in contract with surrogate, finalizing parental rights and evaluation and assistance with all aspects of medical insurance. Additional costs to finalize parental rights will depend on the state of residence for your surrogate.
$20,000 - $30,000IVF Cycle Cost - Average costs for a fresh IVF cycle/embryo transfer. Consult your fertility clinic for actual costs.
Note: Intended parents are responsible for any and all medical expenses incurred by their baby upon birth. Your surrogate's medical insurance will NOT cover your baby's medical costs.

All fees quoted in US dollars and based on January 2015 estimate
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