Bill Handel, founding Director of the Center for Surrogate Parenting, Inc. (CSP) started his practice of surrogacy in 1980, through the Law Offices of William Handel. In 1986, CSP was incorporated. Karen Synesiou, who joined CSP in 1990, became co-owner and director in 1994.

In 1992, CSP and the Californian Bar Association co-sponsored Senate Bill 937. SB937 was drafted to attempt to regulate the professionals involved in surrogate parenting, to set guidelines in screening and accepting surrogates, and to clearly identify the parents of the child conceived through surrogacy. SB937 passed all the committees, but was vetoed by Governor Pete Wilson on the grounds that there was no need for legislation!! Today, surrogacy remains unregulated in the State of California. Anyone can start their own surrogacy agency, and the screening and selection of surrogates is unregulated. Each agency can set its own standards and rules. Therefore, it is imperative that couples thoroughly research their choices, work only with skilled professionals who have excellent reputations, and choose an agency with extensive experience. CSP meets these criteria and has a world wide reputation as being the leader in the field of surrogacy.

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