A Guide to Surrogacy

Surrogacy as a good and viable option for many couples and singles who without it, would be unable to create a family of their own. There are many reasons people look to surrogacy to become parents. There are many benefits on all sides as well. The infographic below goes into more detail about everything that surrogacy entails, and here are the answers to 3 quick questions you might be wondering about.

Why Choose Surrogacy?

Surrogacy is often the only way for some parents to be able to create their family. Choosing a gestational carrier to create their family provides parents with the opportunity to build a family legacy for generations to come. A surrogate mom enables this dream to become a reality. Creating a family is a choice, and choosing a top professional surrogacy agency is the starting point for this journey.

Who Are Likely Candidates for Surrogacy?

Parents come to surrogacy for many different reasons. Some of these include, previous illness that would prevent a woman from carrying a pregnancy; same sex parents; taking medication that would prevent a woman from carrying a pregnancy; Uterine lining will not sustain a pregnancy; fibroids; born with a uterus and there are many others.

What Is the Process Like?

The process of finding a surrogate, being matched with a surrogate mother, and bringing your new baby or babies home as part of your new family can happen in the 12 steps outlined below. Think of it as 12 steps to a dream come true.

A surrogacy is a contractual agreement between an intended parent or intended parents that cannot have a child and a woman that is willing to have a child for them. Surrogacy can be very helpful for women who are infertile or cannot carry a pregnancy or for intended parents of the same gender. Below, check out our guide to Surrogate Pregnancy and learn exactly how to start and complete the process of creating a new family.

A Guide To Surrogate Pregnancy - By Creatingfamilies.com

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