Letters from Surrogate Mothers

Dear Elaine & the Center for Surrogate Parenting,

Thank you so much for the opportunity of being a surrogate mother. It feels so good to be able to help another person in such an important way.

It was such an honor to have the ultimate trust of a person unknown to you; (who becomes one of your closest friends). To be chosen to carry the most precious creation of all, someone else’s child. On the eve of the twin’s birth, the parent s glowed with a light of pure joy at the realization of a dream long thought lost to them.

This has truly been a beautiful journey I was fortunate to travel. I thank my friends, my couple; for embracing me fully in their lives. I know there will always be a bond of love among us.


It was a catharsis in many ways for me. I felt really good about it, and then felt better and better about myself. It was good for me, and also for my kids and (at the end) my husband. Even now, because we talk about Gabriel openly, the good feelings continue. It also gave my kids a unique view of parenthood and caused my husband and I to talk about having (more) children, our choices, our future plans.


A very positive experience. Of all the things I’ve done in my life, this is the one that will last more than a lifetime. Because of me, two very special people are in the world and will go on to have children of their own!

Terry ( helped her couple to have 3 children!)

The shots were awful! But, when we had dinner with 4 day old Samantha, her daddy cried during his toast! I’d do it all again with 2 times as many shots!


"Isn't it hard to give up the babies?"

If I had a quarter for every time I was asked that question, well...you know. As a two time surrogate I think I heard this particular question more than any other. The answer of course is "No". There's something that inspires a woman to become a surrogate mother that has nothing to do with wanting to keep the child she is carrying. With me, it was simply the joy of being pregnant. My husband and I were clear that our family was complete when we began our first surrogacy journey. That experience resulted in a baby boy for a couple that had waited 10 years for their own family. I will never forget that moment in my hospital bed, the evening he was born, as the moon light filled my room, thinking how perfect it was that he was now part of the family that had been waiting so long for him.

My second opportunity to create a family was for two incredibly amazing men. Our family's year long journey with them was straight from a storybook. We bonded almost immediately and the months that followed that first meeting were filled with monthly doctor visits, ultrasounds, telephone calls, gifts, a tremendous surprise Birthday Party and photo shoots all culminating in a fabulous birth experience. Knowing that I will always be known to their twin daughters as their "Birth Mother" is something that I treasure and my relationship with their dads is like no other.

Surrogacy for me, was a natural expression of who I am. When I share my story, and people tell me what a gift I am, I think of the gift I have been able to give to these two families. In my vision, these babies were floating around on their heavenly clouds, looking down for the one that would deliver them to their parents. The true gift is that they chose me to be that person. It is no accident that you have chosen this path for yourself. You will know that the moment you see the look on your couple's face as they hold their child for the first time.

Thank you!