Surrogate Mother Step-by-Step

The Center for Surrogate Parenting offers a very personal, supportive approach to you, the surrogate mother. Many couples turn to surrogacy because they cannot conceive themselves. However, not every couple has come to terms with their infertility or can participate in a mutually respectful, caring surrogacy relationship. Our world-renowned reputation ensures that our program attracts a larger number of prospective couples than any other program. Therefore CSP does not have to accept every couple that applies to our program. It is mandatory that every couple that applies to be part of our program must meet us for a six-hour consultation. In this manner we ensure that our couples are carefully screened and well educated about their role in a surrogacy relationship.

"When all is said and done, our couples will go home with their baby, our surrogate mothers go home with the memories of the relationship that their couple gave them. It is the surrogate mother's role to take care of the baby she is carrying, it is the couples role to make sure they are supportive throughout the pregnancy and provide her with the best experience they could give her." Karen Synesiou, Director

We have a wonderful staff to support your needs regardless of which State you live in. In the event you move during your pregnancy, we have the expertise and experience to continue to offer you're the first class support you deserve.


If you live in California:
  • Please complete the Surrogate Application to apply to become a surrogate mother or contact our office at 1-800-SURROGATE (1-800-787-7642).
  • We will call to schedule a consultation with the staff at CSP. We want you to have the opportunity to meet all our staff members and ask questions before you decide to join our program. If you are married, it is helpful for your spouse to attend this meeting. This meeting usually takes 2 - 3 hours. (If you live anywhere other than southern California, special arrangements will be made with regard to this step in our screening process.)
  • After meeting with the staff of CSP, you will meet with the counselor assigned to the area where you live. The meeting will be educational for you and it will be a screening tool for the counselor. You will work very closely with your counselor throughout the time you are helping your couple. You will be a team!
  • You will be invited to attend a group support meeting where you will meet a wonderful group of women who understand why you would want to be a surrogate mother.
  • We will complete a background check, including criminal and driving record.
  • The attorneys will review your insurance policy to assure that your pregnancy as a surrogate mother will be covered. If you do not have insurance, we will help you apply for a policy that will cover the pregnancy and delivery. The couple you work with will be responsible for the premium.
  • A fertility specialist who is knowledgeable in the field of third party reproduction will do medical screening. All billing for this medical screening will be sent directly to CSP. You are not expected to pay for lab tests or medical charges. You will start monitoring your cycle at this time.
If you live in any state other than California:
  • Please complete the Surrogate Application to apply to become a surrogate mother or contact our office at 1-800-SURROGATE (1-800-787-7642).
  • If you have an effective medical insurance policy, your application will be sent to the counselor assigned to the State in which you live. She will contact you and set up a meeting with her. Your counselor will also be available to you by phone to discuss the matching process and to guide you and your couple through the pregnancy, birth, delivery and beyond.
  • Insurance has become a very important part of the screening process. If you do not currently have an insurance policy that covers a surrogate pregnancy, you may not be eligible to move forward in the program. We will be happy to discuss the insurance issues once you begin the process.
  • You will be invited to at least one support group meeting during your time with CSP to meet with other surrogate mothers in your area. Airline tickets and your room will be covered by CSP. Many of the women will be in screening, some will be in the process of trying to conceive and others will already be pregnant. You will probably hear a surrogate mother share her birth story and the reaction of the new parents!
  • We will complete a background check including criminal and driving record.
  • A fertility specialist that CSP has worked with will do medical screening. All medical expenses will be billed to CSP. You are not expected to pay for any testing required by the Center.
  • This process, although it may seem complicated, is in place to protect you and your family. You can expect this first phase to take from three to five months. It is important that you and your spouse have all the time you need to process the information you will receive from us. We are prepared to move at a pace set by you. Much of the timing depends on you and how motivated you are to get started!
  • Your counselor will present you with a few profiles of couples. The counselors will decide which couple(s) to present based upon the "wish list" you have expressed to her during screening and the preferences the couple has shared with the counseling team.
  • After you make your selection your profile is sent to the couple you have chosen for consideration. If the couple agrees, a meeting is arranged. Your counselor is present for the meeting and introduces everyone. Initially she hosts the meeting, however once everyone is comfortable, the counselor leaves you alone to talk.
  • If all parties agree to work together, the attorney are instructed to send out contracts. You will have an independent legal consultation to review the contract. After signing the contract, your couple will deposit funds into a trust account to cover your expenses and fees.
  • Life insurance ($250,000) is purchased for you to benefit your spouse or children.
  • Whether you choose the Artificial Insemination (Traditional) or Invitro Fertilization (Gestational) program, the fertility specialist and our medical coordinator will guide you through the medical protocol.
  • Timing is everything when it comes to conceiving and we will help you understand all that is expected of you. The doctors we work with are very experienced in third party reproduction and respect what you are doing to help the couple. Their office will help you each step of the way.
  • An infertility specialist in your area will see you for your medical evaluation and if necessary, to help with monitoring you during the medical process.
  • One of the most exciting moments for a surrogate mother is when she is confirmed pregnant. You get to plan how you want to tell them. Some choose teddy bears, flowers, and phone call when you know they will both be at home, etc.
  • Once you are confirmed pregnant you will choose an obstetrician who is a provider on your insurance plan. If you already have a relationship with an OB and he/she is a provider on your insurance, you may choose to continue seeing that doctor. Approximately 8 weeks into the pregnancy, the fertility specialist will release you to the OB's care.
  • During the pregnancy your couple stays in contact with you at least once every two weeks. The couple attends doctor's visits if possible, or speaks to the surrogate mother's physician on the phone. Most couples are able to visit at some point during the pregnancy regardless of where they live. Usually everyone plans to attend your six-month ultrasound. It is wonderful to see their face as they hear their baby's heartbeat for the first time or see their baby on the ultrasound screen. The amount of contact is determined by the comfort level of you, your spouse, and your couple. The counselor is very helpful in guiding the relationship in the right direction.
  • Your couple will make every effort to be present at the birth of their child. Usually a couple will plan to be close by during the last ten days prior to your due date. They are responsible for the care of their child immediately upon the child's birth. Many surrogate mothers and couples are together with the baby much of the time before they are released from the hospital. Your husband and children can share this special time.
  • The parents will take the child out of the hospital after he/she is released. Going home; saying good-bye, is an emotional event. You have shared such an important experience! You will receive updates on the baby and pictures. Most relationships continue after the birth to the extent that you have talked about during the pregnancy. The bond between you and the couple does not disappear upon the birth of their child, usually it grows!
  • Almost every surrogate mother returns to her group support meeting as soon as possible to share her birth story. This is often one of the highlights of the experience a woman has as a surrogate mother. You can share the accomplishment of your goal and offer inspiration to the friends you have made in the group.

"It was a catharsis in many ways for me. I felt really good about it, and then felt better and better about myself. It was good for me, and also for my kids and (at the end) my husband. Even now, because we talk about Gabriel openly, the good feelings continue. It also gave my kids a unique view of parenthood and caused my husband and I to talk about having (more) children, our choices, our future plans." Elizabeth

"A very positive experience. Of all the things I've done in my life, this is the one that will last more than a lifetime. Because of me, two very special people are in the world and will go on to have children of their own!" Terry (helped her couple to have 3 children!)