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Dear CSP Surrogate Mothers,

We would like to introduce you to a very special organization called Extensions. In addition to support group meetings and your own Counselor/Surrogate relationship, CSP offers surrogate mothers to have their own system among themselves. Many times only a surrogate mother can understand what you are feeling, and through Extensions you will have the networking, friendship, and support that this wonderful organization can provide.

CSP understands the need for this support, and has generously offered to fund Extensions for the benefit of their surrogates. Weekend Retreats, picnics, seasonal newsletters, birth visits, support calls, and our daily internet email listserve are some of the ways that we can be there for you during your surrogacy experience.

Surrogate Mothers

How Extensions was Started....

As we completed our first surrogacy journey, we realized that we had become wonderful friends along the way. We often would pick up the phone in between our monthly support group meetings to touch base and support each other. Most importantly, it was after the births that we felt the need to remain in contact with fellow surrogates and follow through their unfinished journey's. As any surrogate can attest to, there is a definite void in the weeks and months following the end of your journey. Communication and support from experienced surrogates can make the difference in this emotional period.

This is why we started Extensions, a support and networking system, for our surrogates not only in the program currrently but also for as long after as they wish to remain with us following their birth. We have found that this is extremely helpful in those difficult weeks once the new family has gone home. We have experienced great joy in watching Extensions grow into a wonderful unit, both with our daily online email group and our annual retreats and picnics. To meet women from the other side of the county who share your dreams and inner thoughts is something pretty special. We share our fears, joys, sadness, laughs, and most importantly our common bond of sharing the incredible gift of surrogacy with someone who understands us.

We are very proud to be Coordinators of Extensions, and look forward to the many years and wonderful memories of the years ahead.

Carole Jackson

Carole Jackson has been with CSP since 1995, when she first decided she wanted to help an infertile couple share the joy of parenthood that she herself has. Research brought her to our program, and she delivered a baby boy in 1996 and was amazed at how the experience impacted not only the new parents but herself as well. Carole went on to help another couple and delivered twin girls in Jan of 1999, and discovered that she had a passion for the surrogacy field and wanted to broaden her experience by having a career with CSP.

Carole has two grown children of her own, a son who is 24 and a college graduate, working in Alaska, and a daughter who is 21 and completing her college degree. Her children shared her surrogacy journeys and she is confident that they learned valuable insight though the experiences.

With a background in Personal Training, Sports/Nutrition and Sales, Carole has always been a "people person". Her additional training with Trauma/Emotional Aid work has made her a great source of support and guidance for our surrogate mothers through both the smooth and rocky times.

Carole may be reached through email:

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