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What the Relationship would be After Surrogacy?
"That's surrogacy, you're thinking about each other with great fondness, but that relationship starts drifiting apart, and that's what we consider a healthy surrogacy."
Choosing the Right Surrogacy Agency
"Many things have changed but the basic premise of philosophy has never changed, and that is in order to create a family, with the help of third party reproduction, it takes teamwork."

Bill Handel,
Surrogacy Spanish
"The reason I chose CSP is because the company has a great reputation and I wanted a very positive experience for me as well as for the parents I am going to help."
Surrogate Group Meetings
"You can get emails, you can get phone numbers and everyone supports each other in the group, so it's really important to go to groups."
Surrogate Mother Medication
The medication, although challenging at times, plays an essential role in surrogacy.
Surrogate Mother Relationship
Relationships between surrogates and intended parents vary based on personalities and the experience they seek.
Surrogate Mothers Motivation
Surrogacy is one-of-a-kind gift and a rewarding experience.
Surrogate Advice
If you're considering surrogacy, it's important to consider the timing, expect the unexpected, and follow your heart.
Surrogate Matching Process
The Center for Surrogate Parenting matches surrogates and couples based on experience they prefer.
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