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2016 Alternative Parenting Show – London

CSP Meeting Intended Parents in London – Sept 24, 2016
At the Center for Surrogate Parenting, CSP, we know the decision to become a parent is one that is carefully made. We empathize and understand the path to parenthood for those who are unable to conceive on their own can be full of twists, turns and emotional highs and lows. There are also financial, legal, and psychological considerations that can further complicate the process.

Not So Overwhelming

The good news is it doesn’t have to so overwhelming. This is why we are inviting all intended parents to the 2016 Alternative Parenting Show in London, England. It is here that you can gain a good sense of all of the choices available as well as identify what parenting options will work best for your family. You can rest assured the Alternative Parenting Show will be a tremendous help. We will have a forum of experienced, knowledgeable professionals who will provide key insights to simplify your understanding of the surrogacy process.


Understanding the Process

The Alternative Parenting Show will give sound advice and clear directions on surrogacy and other methods of attaining the goal of parenthood. We will ensure you walk away with comprehensive instructions on what the process of surrogacy looks like—from start to finish–and guests will have the opportunity to gain insightful, first-hand feedback from surrogates, and parents that have successfully completed the surrogacy process.

The event strengthens the surrogacy and alternative parenthood community through engaging and connecting couples and individuals to a greatly needed support system that can extend far beyond the Alternative Parenting Show. Many of our attendees that were once CSP intended parents return to provide insight and support to those embarking on the journey of surrogacy.

CSP is Here to Help!

CSP will be presenting on key surrogacy topics and meeting intended parents. The Alternative Parenting Show has a strong reputation for presenting relevant subject matter from industry experts.
For example, the 2015 Alternative Show featured information-packed panel discussions armed with experts in the surrogacy industry. Within each panel discussion, experts provided ample time for question-and-answer sessions for the attendees. We encourage you to come and gain expert knowledge about best practices for intended parents.


Solutions Are Here

We consider ourselves to be an integral part of the Alternative Parenting Show as surrogacy provides solutions to barriers in family planning for many couples that are unable to conceive children through traditional means. We are confident that any intended parent wanting to understand all solutions and alternatives available will benefit from attending the Alternative Parenting Show that will take place in September 2016.

Feel Free to Contact Us

We also encourage you to visit our website where you will find success stories from all types of families, and please, feel free to contact us at any time! We are looking forward to what intended parents will gain from attending the 2016 Alternative Parenting Show and encourage you to come to the show armed with questions and concerns. This show will bring you one step closer to parenthood.