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5 Companies Supporting Surrogacy

5 Large Companies and Organizations that Support Surrogacy

There are many ways in which companies can support surrogacy and help create even more surrogacy success stories. Of course, there are actual surrogacy agencies, and then there are other organizations that help the people involved. Here are a few such large companies and organizations that support surrogate parenting.

Facebook and Apple

Recently, these 2 tech giants started paying for female employees that want to freeze their eggs. Apple will pay employees up to $20,000 for egg-freezing procedures in addition to their already generous maternity benefits that include 18 weeks of paid leave. Facebook also adds egg freezing to their generous surrogacy benefits package that includes a $4,000 cash bonus for new parents.


Resolve, the National Infertility Association, deals at least in part with surrogacy. In general, this non-profit organization promotes and provides men and women access to different family building options for the infertile.

New Life Agency

This is one of many companies that provide surrogate maternity insurance. It is an international company that specializes in Assisted Reproduction Insurance. If you have another health insurance policy already, you can always call them to see if they cover surrogacy. (Be sure to ask about your policy specifically, as coverage aspects vary between policies.)

Fertile Action

The goal of this organization is to help women who have had cancer to become mothers through various means. Among other things, they do help with financial aid, which is an important part of the surrogacy process for many. They also educate parents, physicians, and others involved in surrogacy. Of course, they also advocate for surrogacy and provide other forms of support, such as fertility scholarships.