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5 Reasons to Thank Your Surrogate Mother

Families are the core of American civilization. The modern family is not only necessary, it’s the most important group or unit there is. Unfortunately, for some couples who want to create and expand their own family, they can’t have children. Luckily, for couples wanting to become parents, there is help. Surrogate mothers allow couples who otherwise would be unable to have children to create the family they have always wanted. Here are five reasons you should be grateful for your surrogate.

    1. Your surrogate mother will allow you to have healthy, energetic children even if you have health problems or other issues that would keep you from carrying or giving birth to healthy children. There are a variety of health issues that can keep a woman from conceiving, so a surrogate is often the only option for those woman to have children.
    2. Your surrogate has helped you have children of your own even if you are beyond the usual age for giving birth. If you were unable to find a partner to begin your family while you were young, you aren’t out of luck. A surrogate can help overcome the constraints of age and allow you to have healthy children later in life.
    3. You should be thankful for your surrogate because she will allow you to have your very own children, even if you cannot go through the pregnancy process yourself. Through surrogacy, your child can have a genetic link of one or both parents.
    4. Your surrogate allows you to experience the joy of childbirth. Giving birth can be one of the most excruciating and painful things a woman can go through yet your surrogate mother is taking on the responsible of child birth to allow you the gift of having a family.
    5. Surrogacy also allows same sex couples to be able to create a family of their own. Creating a family would be impossible for gay couples if it were not for the kindness and generosity of surrogate mothers.