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5 Reasons Why Surrogate Mothers Love Being Surrogates

It must have been a mother who coined the adorable phrase, “Babies are a bundle of joy.” Being a surrogate mother isn’t without its challenges, but there are a few reasons to be grateful that you are carrying a couple’s bundle of joy inside of you. Here, we list 5 reasons why surrogate mothers love being surrogates.

Creating a Family

There are many couples who are unable to have children of their own, due to infertility or other issues. Gay couples are also unable to have children without assistance. As a surrogate mother, you are literally creating a family for a couple who would not have otherwise had the opportunity. Place yourself in the couple’s shoes for a minute. Picture the moment when they meet their tiny newborn for the first time. Can you imagine the joy they must feel as they hold a little piece of Heaven in their arms? Because of you, this dream becomes a reality.

Health Care Benefits

From the moment you decided to become a surrogate mother, you have been given the opportunity to receive the best comprehensive health care without paying a single dime out of pocket. Health care can be an expensive thing. Knowing that you are receiving the finest care for the little one growing inside of you is truly a wonder. Not only do you receive premier health care, but professional counseling and support groups are also available to you to provide you with emotional support as well.

Friendships Forged

Perhaps you already knew the individual or couple you are carrying the baby for. Maybe you recently met them for the first time. Regardless of the situation, there is something special that forges between you as a surrogate mother, and the intended parents. Watching a baby grow together is a miracle, and all involved inevitably form an emotional connection. Oftentimes deep friendships are made – the kinds that last for a lifetime.

Financial Compensation

As a surrogate mother, not only do you experience the joys of carrying someone’s baby, but you also receive ample financial compensation. The couple you choose to work with will pay you for your surrogate services, and depending on different factors, the compensation can be quite good. It never hurts to have some extra cash on hand.

Helping Others Makes You Happy

There’s something about helping others that brings happiness. Just knowing that you are giving something special and precious to a couple can lead to strong feelings of personal satisfaction. You can feel happy knowing you are giving of yourself so that soon, a couple will become a family.

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