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A Different Kind of Love Altogether

A Different Kind of Love Altogether
A Surrogacy Story Continued…by Carey Kinyon

Love – not just the “splendored” kind…
It takes all forms, one such, some are most fortunate to find
Only sacrifice and selflessness will get you close
Of this love you’ll need but one dose
Rare as it is, and in the reach of very few
The emotion spoken of is the payment that is due.

The Surrogate Mother gives of herself…
She tends to her “gift” above all else – for a time.
As the Dove lit upon a full nest, the wonder of this act is nurture at its best.

Life grows over a period of months and the emotion expands.
In time the Surrogate will hold the gift in her warm, loving hands.
For now she has cause to nurture and protect.
It is her duty to ensure those who stand vigil will one day realize its beauty.

As the moment draws nearer our vigilant Mother begins to let go:
Her journey has almost drawn to an end and all around knows.
Many months have passed and she has treasured each day.
The journey has now come to the point that she can say:
To the new parents – I know you must leave but please don’t go away.

I’ve seen the effect of this special feeling that truly cannot be put in words
It must be something that could come only from above.
The only way I can seem to describe it is: As the gift of a…

Different Kind of Love