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Surrogacy Events and Seminars

Our surrogacy events are the perfect way to learn about gestational surrogacy

The Center for Surrogate Parenting, an Ovation® Fertility company, is the oldest surrogacy agency in the world. Our caring and experienced team has learned the ins and outs of gestational surrogacy over the last four decades. You can take advantage of our knowledge and learn about surrogacy by attending one of our many surrogacy events.

Because we work with intended parents around the United States and the world, we host events in many different locations. Keep checking our website to find an upcoming event near you.

The benefits of attending a surrogacy event

Our surrogacy agency is world-renowned for our expertise on a wide variety of topics surrounding gestational surrogacy. Depending on the focus, our surrogacy events may provide insight about the following topics.

  • Working with US and international intended parents
  • Recruiting, screening and guiding US surrogates on this journey
  • Using gestational surrogacy to help LGBTQ+ couples and single men
  • Navigating medical, reproductive, psychological and legal considerations

When you learn about surrogacy from our agency, you can feel confident that you’re getting the latest insights from the field. Using this information can empower you no matter where you are or how you’re involved with gestational surrogacy.

Get involved with one of our upcoming surrogacy events

If you are interested in registering for upcoming surrogacy events in your area, explore the list below. Please keep checking back because our team will continue to add new events.

Interested in hosting an event with our surrogacy agency? You can reach out to us to learn more. Together, we can help more people learn about surrogacy. The more men and women know about this family-building tool, the more people can grow their families.

Contact us if you have questions about upcoming events or any of the other services from the Center for Surrogate Parenting.