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Becoming a Parent

5 Questions to Ask Yourself before Becoming a Parent

The decision to have a child, whether yourself or through a surrogate, is one of life’s biggest decisions. It not only changes your daily activities, it also changes who you are. It transforms you into a new person. The decision to become a parent is one that will forever have an impact upon you. To help in this decision, we’ve put together a list of 5 questions for you and your partner to ask yourselves as you decide if you are ready to have children, or not:

Are you ready financially?

Although there are ways to save money when raising a child, there are some expenses that are unavoidable. After the hospital bill, your baby will need things like diapers, food, and a place to sleep.

Are you ready to function on little sleep?

Once you are a parent, the nights of little sleep sometimes extend into toddler years and beyond because of illness, bed-wetting, and bad dreams. When you are a parent, you will have to sacrifice many hours of sleep.

Are you and your partner on the same page?

You don’t have to agree on everything about parenting, but it is a good idea to reach an agreement on the basics. One of the many decisions that you and your partner need to make is who will be responsible for taking care of your child during the day.

Are you ready to let go of control?

If you like things planned and under control, then you are in for a surprise when you have a baby. There are situations you just can’t plan for. It is important to be flexible.

Is your relationship ready?

A common thing happens after couples have a baby: they put the child first. As a result, their relationship comes second. It is important to make sure that your relationship is where it needs to be before considering parenthood.