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Beginning the Surrogacy Process

Learn more about beginning the surrogacy process

Making someone else’s dream come true is a life-changing experience. Thank you for considering becoming a surrogate with the Center for Surrogate Parenting (CSP) and offering to give the greatest gift of all: a lifetime of love. Beginning the surrogacy process at our US surrogacy agency consists of a series of simple steps. The early stages of the process are designed to help you understand what it takes to help a family welcome a baby into their lives. These steps also help us confirm that gestational surrogacy is safe for you.

Beginning the surrogacy process at CSP

When you are ready to explore surrogacy, there are some things to consider and some tasks to complete. Each one brings you one step closer to beginning the surrogacy process.

Discussing surrogacy with your partner. An important first step when considering gestational surrogacy is talking to your partner. You should both be on the same page about your decision to become a gestational surrogate.

Ensuring you meet the requirements. We have a list of criteria women must meet before they get started with the surrogacy process. If you meet these requirements, you can move forward with the application.

Filling out an application. The next step in beginning the surrogacy process is completing a straightforward surrogate application on our website.

Taking the next steps in the process

Once you reach this point in the journey, we will help you take the following steps before you help a family welcome a healthy baby.

Completing an initial phone interview. After one of our coordinators reviews and approves your application, we will contact you to schedule an initial phone interview. This call covers the screening process, expectations and requirements that you’ll need to meet before you get matched with hopeful parents. All our coordinators were once surrogate mothers with CSP, so they can help you get a feel for what it will be like. You’ll also discuss what types of hopeful parents you’d like to help, and what type of relationship you’d like to have with them during the pregnancy.

Having a counselor phone interview. After your initial phone interview, we schedule a more thorough interview with a counselor. This surrogacy expert will make sure you’re mentally prepared for gestational surrogacy.

Attend a surrogate support group meeting. We will invite you to attend one of our surrogate support group meetings. There, you will meet our surrogates from your local area. Some may be telling their birth story (get ready to cry). Others have just done an embryo transfer, and another may be about to meet her hopeful parents. All of them will welcome you into their circle and offer the support and answers you need as you learn more about the surrogacy experience.

Undergoing testing. Completing your file involves social disease screening, testing for drugs and nicotine, and a criminal background check.

Insurance policy review. We will review your existing medical insurance policy to determine whether you are covered for a gestational surrogacy pregnancy. If not, we will purchase a policy for you.

Beginning the surrogacy process usually takes two to four months. This gives you time to process the information and decide to move forward with our US surrogacy agency. However, we can move at your pace, which often depends on how soon you want to get started.

How to prepare for the surrogacy process

After we approve your surrogacy application, we recommend taking care of certain tasks to prepare for the next steps.

  • Gather your medical records from past pregnancies and deliveries. Also include the results from your most recent Pap smear and physical.
  • Ask your HR department for a copy of your medical insurance booklet or access to view it online.
  • Make a list of any questions you have about becoming a gestational surrogate.

The expert team at our US surrogacy agency offers guidance from the beginning through the end of the process. We can help you navigate everything from the initial screening, to the day you deliver the baby and help hopeful parents fulfill their dream of parenthood.

Thank you, dear surrogate mother. We are endlessly grateful for you stepping forward and stating, “I can help.” Our team is confident this will be a rewarding experience that will enrich your life and the lives of others. Contact us for more information about beginning the surrogacy process.