Find support and join a surrogacy group

Surrogacy is a rewarding process. However, it can also be difficult. Thankfully, you can find support when you join a surrogacy group through the Center for Surrogate Parenting (CSP).

You’re doing someone a tremendous service with compassion and true charity. But you’ll be putting your body through some serious changes to carry a child to term and give birth. It can be difficult to experience this process alone. Even if you have a supportive partner, family and friends, they cannot truly understand what you’re going through.

That is, except for other surrogates.

CSP proudly offers support groups for our surrogates. This is a place where compassion and understanding create an enriching environment that empowers surrogates. When you join a surrogacy support group, it’s about more than simply asking questions or showing up to learn practical lessons. Here’s what you need to know about surrogate support groups before you join your local chapter.

Find professional support when you join a surrogacy support group

The primary advantage when you join a surrogacy support group is you get direct contact with counselors and case managers. These experienced professionals are there to guide you through the process, provide comfort and offer professional assistance. We welcome all questions about surrogacy.

Though CSP offers 24-hour access to your own dedicated surrogacy counselor, attending a CSP support group means meeting people face to face for direct counseling and personal care. Through the surrogacy process, you’ll learn to trust in and rely on your counselor.

You can meeting other women like you

You should never feel alone during your surrogacy journey. Thankfully, CSP support groups are available to provide you the support you need. Surrogate mother groups allow you to connect and grow relationships with other surrogates. These are women who, like you, have chosen to perform this valuable service for others.

Part of every group meeting involves listening to birth stories from your fellow surrogates. You’ll also get to hear from new surrogates who may be nervous or concerned about the process. You may relate to their questions and will be able to listen as these questions are addressed.

Sharing your story with the group

When you join a surrogate support group, the group will also turn its attention to you. Joining doesn’t just mean listening to others. It means sharing your own surrogacy story. You can air your concerns, share your fears, get everyday advice and so much more.

At your first meeting, you can tell the group about who you are, where you’re from, stories about your family, how your partner (if any) is involved, and why you decided to become a surrogate. At your final meeting, you’ll have the chance to share your birth story with other mothers. This allows you to pass on hope and inspiration to those who are following you in the process.

Join a surrogacy support group near you

Surrogacy support groups are designed for your comfort and convenience. Most group meetings include complimentary lunch (or at least snacks), travel accommodations and a cozy environment that feels inviting and personable.

For your convenience, we offer support groups in the following cities:

  • Encino, California
  • Corona, California
  • Fresno, California
  • Sonoma, California
  • Denver, Colorado
  • Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Annapolis, Maryland
  • Chicago, Illinois

You’re welcome to bring a supportive friend, family member or partner to your first and last work group meetings. They’ll be by your side to help you feel comfortable as you open up.

Where to find support

The value and community you’ll find in a surrogacy support group, cannot be understated. CSP offers this resource to help you feel cared for, heard and guided through an important phase in your life.

Visit us at to learn more about our support group services, your closest support meeting location, and instructions on joining this important fellowship offering for surrogates like you. By your next journey, you’ll be able to reflect on just how important community involvement is for lifting you up during surrogacy.