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Celebrity Couples Who Need a Surrogate

Celebrity Couples Who Need a Surrogate
Welcoming a child into the world is sometimes a struggle for people of all walks of life. But by using the right surrogate agency, you can welcome a healthy, happy child into your family just like many celebrities have. Read about 4 celebrity surrogacy success stories!

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban

The Australian actress and country superstar welcomed daughter Sunday traditionally in 2008—but in 2010 with the help of a gestational carrier they to welcome their second daughter, Faith.
The term “gestational carrier” is used when the child biologically belongs to the parents, and “surrogate” is used when the child is not biological. Kidman said the couple went through a “roller coaster ride with fertility” and felt a lot of love for the gestational carrier.

Jimmy and Nancy Fallon

The current Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon host said in an interview with the TODAY show that he and his wife Nancy had struggled for 5 years with fertility issues before acquiring a gestational carrier to welcome their daughter Winnie in 2013. He also said that the long struggle waiting for a child was well worth it when she finally arrived.

Elizabeth Banks and Max Handelman

The Hunger Games and Pitch Perfect actress acquired a gestational carrier to birth her sons Magnus in 2011 and Felix in 2012. Banks said she struggled with embryos implanting in the past and that it was a big step welcoming the surrogate into their lives. She said they still treat her like family.

Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick

The actor and actress duo welcomed twin daughters Marion and Tabitha via gestational carrier in 2009. Parker gave birth to their son James 6 years earlier, but struggled ever since to become pregnant again. She said in an interview with the TODAY show that they had been exploring different ways to add to their family for a few years and she was more than excited not only when they decided to go with a surrogate, but when they learned that she was expecting twins.