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Choosing Surrogacy and The Challenges

Surrogacy in Today’s World
In today’s world, there are many options available to intended parents and to gay intended parents who wish to start a family. At CSP, we thrive in openness, acceptance, and understanding toward a wide variety of intended parents. Here are just a few of the challenges that come along with choosing surrogacy as an option to starting a family.

Surrogacy and it’s Challenges

With same-sex marriage legislation in the United States and the welcoming of lesbian and gay couples to adopt children through surrogacy and otherwise, there have been many same-sex couples who wish to have children through surrogacy. Since CSP was the first surrogacy agency to help a gay couple, we are extremely familiar with the process and complications, especially with the laws and protections available to gay and lesbian couples wishing to have their child through a surrogate. Though we are familiar with the process, there are many complications for couples, especially those that decide to go through with the process outside of California’s protective laws or without a surrogacy agency to help them through the process.

Because the United States has no national policies on surrogacy (or any other reproductive technology, like IVF or frozen embryos), it is difficult to guess what can happen if something goes wrong in a surrogacy arrangement, especially in an untested state or country. Because states vary on laws on surrogacy, there are some states that simply ban commercial surrogacy, which creates issues for those parents who seek to do it in one of those states. Lastly, there can be even more difficulties if the fetus has birth defects or health problems and the intended parents choose to end the pregnancy. If the surrogate doesn’t want to end the pregnancy, there can be legal issues that arise, these issue must be addressed in the surrogacy contract however, these cases may still result in legal action being taken. CSP knows these issues, which is why CSP is associated with leading surrogacy legal counsel available to all surrogates and all intended parents.

More Struggles with Surrogacy

Many religions and countries around the world struggle with the practice of surrogacy. From being welcomed in Russia, Ukraine, India, and many states in the United States, to being banned and subject to imprisonment in Australia, there are many feelings of misunderstanding and resentment towards the practice of surrogacy. Though in California, surrogacy is protected and regarded as responsible parenting, there are many other places where surrogacy is expressly prohibited. At CSP, we know that surrogacy is a wonderful way for intended parents to become parents with beautiful new additions to their family. Because we have an extensive history working with surrogate moms, we know there are a lot of women who are not good candidates for surrogacy. Some are not good candidates due to emotional, mental, or psychological problems that we discover before making a decision to move forward with them.


Acceptance of Surrogacy

Despite the fact that surrogacy is still a controversial topic in many corners of the world, thankfully many people are extremely supportive of women that choose to be surrogate mothers and intended parents starting or expanding their family through surrogacy. CSP is proud to have help intended parent from over 60 different countries all over the world!
If you have more questions about the process of surrogacy, the difficulties in participating in surrogacy in your specific state or country, or just would like to learn more about CSP, feel free to contact CSP at either our West Coast office, or our East Coast office. We are here to help!