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Common Misconceptions on Surrogacy

Common Misconceptions on Surrogacy
Surrogacy is a complex situation, and because many people do not understand how it works, there are many misconceptions out there.
If you are looking into surrogacy to either add to your family or help another family who is unable to have children, you need correct information in order to make the best decision. Let’s clear up a few common misconceptions and share the real truth about surrogacy.

Surrogate Mothers Are in It Only for the Money

Many surrogates who work with reputable agencies have full-time careers of their own and may not be in a dire financial situation at all. It is true that most surrogates are compensated for their time in bringing a child into the world for another family. However, the amount of money she will be paid will not make her rich in the long run, especially considering the time and effort she will put into the process.
A common thread between surrogate mothers is that they decide to become a surrogate to help others who are unable to bear children of their own. They are compassionate and altruistic and they hope to bring happiness to others.

Surrogates Have a Difficult Time Giving Up the Baby

When a surrogate is screened by a surrogacy agency, she goes through psychological evaluations that assess her ability to see and understand her role in the surrogacy process. Before the process begins, the surrogate mom knows that she will be carrying the baby for someone else, and that the baby is not hers.
She understands that she is not giving the baby up, but instead she is giving the baby back to the baby’s parents.

Surrogacy Is Only for Rich People

If the average person can afford to own a home and a car, why should it not be feasible for them to also be able to afford surrogacy as a means to having a family? While surrogacy can be expensive, many agencies have started to offer financing options and payments plans to make it more affordable.
Many families on an average income have successfully added to their family through surrogacy, so it is not impossible. Whether you decide to borrow money from family, take out a loan, or finance the amount, surrogacy can be a rewarding choice in the journey to become a parent.