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Common Treatments for Infertility

Surrogacy – Infertility’s Happy Ending

Infertility doesn’t have to mean forgoing a biological family. Thanks to modern medicine, there are many treatment options available so intended parents can have the family they so desire.


If you have been trying unsuccessfully for a year to get pregnant, it may be time to consult a fertility specialist. If you are older than 35, consult a specialist after 6 months of attempting to get pregnant, without success. A specialist will test both partners to discern the cause of infertility, and to offer solutions for treating the problem. Which treatment option will work best will depend on the results of various tests.

Common fertility treatment options for women include the following:

  • Clomiphene – stimulates the ovaries to release eggs
  • Metformin – used to treat polycystic ovary syndrome
  • Hormone injections – common for unexplained infertility
  • Tubal surgery – to repair blocked or damaged Fallopian tubes


For men, a sample of sperm will be collected and examined to determine motility and concentration. If the man has a good sperm count, insemination is usually one of the first suggestions by the doctor.

Why Choose Surrogacy

Going through test after test for you and your partner can be very taxing emotionally and financially. The choices you make regarding your fertility are very personal and should be made carefully and thoughtfully.

The fertility treatments listed above can be effective, however if they are not successful, another option for family building is surrogacy. Surrogacy allows intended parents to have children who are biologically related to them. Our program for intended parents at CSP, Inc., is designed for you to participate in the entire pregnancy as well as the birth of your child. You are matched with surrogate moms with whom you feel compatible. The CSP staff and the counseling team is here for you with care and guidance every step of the way.

If having a child of your own seems like a distant dream at the moment, don’t lose hope. We are here to help make your dream of creating a family, a reality.