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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

The Center for Surrogate Parenting is carefully tracking the global situation with the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and has plans in place to mitigate the impact of the virus on our operations and the people who depend on them.

The safety of our hopeful parents, babies, surrogates and employees, as well as the surrounding communities, is our utmost concern. At this time, the virus has not affected our team members or our operations, and we do not anticipate any interruption of services.

For hopeful parents and surrogates who are already in the surrogacy process, we encourage you to work with your health care providers and fertility specialists to evaluate your personal risk and take steps to protect yourselves and your families. As always, the CSP team will be here to support you.

While we believe that the risk within our own facilities is low, we are enacting specific new policies to help prevent the spread of the virus.

At all Center for Surrogate Parenting facilities, we have added extra screening procedures for arriving visitors. If you visit our offices, please expect to provide information about recent travel and any respiratory or other symptoms you may be experiencing or have recently experienced. If you are ill, have recently been ill or have recently traveled to certain areas experiencing an outbreak, you will be asked to reschedule your visit.

To protect visitors and employees at our offices, we are increasing our vigilance with additional practices, such as regular disinfection of frequently touched surfaces in office areas. If you visit our offices, please expect to be asked to thoroughly wash your hands upon arrival and use the provided hand sanitizer as warranted.

CSP employees showing any symptoms of illness, or who believe they may have been exposed to the novel coronavirus, will quarantine at home until cleared by a medical professional to return to work.

At this time, CSP anticipates all operations to continue as normal, at all of our offices. If that status should change, updates will be provided here.

Thank you for trusting CSP to help you create your family.