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2017 Families Through Surrogacy Conference

2017 Families Through Surrogacy conference in Melbourne, Australia

Registration is underway for the Families Through Surrogacy Conference, scheduled for June 3-4, 2017 in Melbourne, Australia. Parents, surrogates and surrogacy professionals can attend. This 2-day event will provide information regarding surrogacy in the U.S., Canada, Australia, Ukraine and Greece.

CSP event sponsorship

The Center for Surrogate Parenting (CSP) is a platinum sponsor of this amazing event. Not only will there be many leading experts at the event. The speakers will also include surrogates, parents and older children born via surrogacy.

CSP speakers at the Families Through Surrogacy conference

Independent Chief Legal Counsel Andy Vorzimer and CSP Program Administrator and Case Manager Joanne Bubrick will discuss our experience providing the ideal surrogacy experience. The presentation is called, “What Has 37 Years of Surrogacy Experience Taught Us About Best Practices?” Andy and Joanne will also discuss how the California model might offer insight into the process.

Joanne Bubrick will also co-present a panel discussion on the topic of “Surrogate Screening Practices.” This will be with Dana Magdassi of Lotus Surrogacy in Ukraine and Shirley Voshol from the Mediterranean Fertility Institute in Greece. They will compare surrogacy screening processes around the world and discuss procedural differences.

Families Through Surrogacy conference

The Families Through Surrogacy conference is an exciting event. Families Through Surrogacy, a non-profit, consumer-based organization, offers support for surrogates and parents at all stages of the process. The organization encourages networking. It brings together parents, surrogates and families to share their experiences. The organization promotes best practices in the field of surrogacy.

Personal networking opportunities

This conference provides insight and unbiased advice through discussions and sessions from top surrogacy experts. In addition, there will be opportunities to network with others who are considering or have experienced surrogacy. Experienced surrogates can meet with new intended parents or women who are considering becoming surrogates. Attendees can speak with the different experts to gain a better understanding of the process. Be sure to attend the social functions on Friday and Saturday nights to socialize.

Professional networking

For those who provide surrogacy services, sharing ideas can be extremely beneficial. Access to other professionals is key to understand the challenges facing surrogacy and technological advances. The Families Through Surrogacy conference provides the opportunity for surrogacy experts to network and gain invaluable insight into surrogacy practices in other countries.

CSP private consultations

CSP will provide independent consultations with parents or those couples or individuals considering surrogacy. In a private session, members of our professional, experienced staff will offer answers based upon our many years of experience and thousands of successful surrogacy cases. Contact us to learn more.