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CSP Surrogate Mother Referral Invitation

Get A Surrogate Referral Fee
Here at CSP, we believe that becoming a surrogate mother is one of the most rewarding experiences a woman can have. There are so many worthy parents in the world that are unable to conceive a child on their own. Many of these parents turn to CSP to find a surrogate to take care of their child while in the early stages of their creation. We want all of our intended parents to have the joy of welcoming a child into their family, but we now have more intended parents than surrogates. Though CSP is always looking for surrogates for our wonderful intended parents, we are now offering referral fees for anyone who recommends a surrogate to our service. Many of our intended parents have tried for years to have a baby of their own, and we feel uncomfortable making them wait even longer.

Once you refer a surrogate and your surrogate is matched with an intended parent and signs a contract with them, you will receive a referral fee as a thank you for your services.

  • $1,000 referral fee for surrogate mothers who reside in Maryland, California, and Nevada.
  • $500 referral fee for surrogate mothers who reside in Texas, Colorado, Minnesota, Ohio, Georgia, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Illinois.
  • $300 referral fee for all other states.

Here are just a few benefits of being a surrogate mother for our intended parents.

Personal Satisfaction

When you are a surrogate, you are helping to create a family for someone else. Infertility or having a nontraditional family makes it difficult to realize the happiness of having children, so by helping as a surrogate, you have the opportunity to assist worthy people to become wonderful parents.

Emotional Connection

Another plus to acting as a surrogate is the emotional connection you’ll experience with sharing your pregnancy with the parents. The new relationship you’ll make is one that will last forever – the intended parents will be forever grateful for your services for years to come, if not for the entirety of the child’s life.

Financial Compensation and Health Care

Lastly, surrogates receive generous compensation for carrying a parent’s child. Intended Parents will compensate a surrogate mom for the pain and suffering of pregnancy and delivery of the child.

Our intended parents are waiting. With CSP’s referral program, together we can make a couple’s dream of parenting become a reality.