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CSP Surrogate Pays It Forward

Laura Gold: A Very Special Surrogate
Laura Gold learned about CSP from another surrogate. Laura, in turn, has paid it forward by referring three women to become CSP surrogates.

Laura was not married when she first learned about surrogacy from her friend Alison Voiles. At the time, she thought Alison’s journey was very special.

Once Laura married and had her two boys, she once again thought about surrogacy. She enjoyed being pregnant and had good pregnancy experiences, but she and her husband did not want more children.

Almost two years ago, Laura carried a little girl for an international couple from Indonesia. The pregnancy progressed smoothly except for a bout of preeclampsia. She delivered the baby at 37 weeks and is still close to the couple, which named their daughter Carolina, a variation of Laura’s middle name.

During her surrogate pregnancy and afterwards, Laura shared certain aspects of her journey on social media and with friends, but in a low-key way. Laura is a mild-mannered person who values her relationships with friends and colleagues. Though she never went out of her way to advertise her surrogacy, she was always available to answer questions when asked.

“The first surrogate I referred was a woman I met on a Facebook page for Colorado surrogates. She was not happy with the agency she was working with and seemed impressed by what I had said about CSP,” recalled Laura. “I thought she would be a great match and I was happy that CSP accepted and matched her. She is now pregnant.”

Her second referral was a woman she knows from mutual friends. Jessie, who is Jewish, was matched with a Jewish couple with whom she has formed a close bond. A third woman she referred to CSP just received clearance about her health insurance.

‘It is fun to see Lindsey’s excitement and be able to refer a friend to a wonderful, supportive agency that gives new surrogates a lot of support. I never looked at other agencies because I felt confident in Alison’s word,” explained Laura.

Laura’s advice to other surrogates who want to refer is to use their own personal filter. She wants them to think about whether they would feel comfortable having that person use their name and if the woman would be a good match with CSP. “As surrogates, we know what it takes to have a successful journey. So ask yourself if that person also has those qualities,” described Laura.

Laura, who works as a special education coordinator, thinks the referral fee is nice, but it is not the primary reason she refers other women. “Someone took me under their wings when I was exploring surrogacy and I want to offer other women that same courtesy. In general, the public has a lot of questions about it, so I feel like a surrogacy ambassador. I want people to know it was a joy and blessing to help someone have a baby who would not be able to do so otherwise,” mused Laura.

Thank you, Laura, for your referrals, and for helping a couple create their child through surrogacy.