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CSP Surrogate Referral Program – Rhonda

Rhonda, a two time surrogate from the central coast of California, takes the CSP surrogate referral program very seriously, only referring people who are exploring surrogacy for the right reasons and not primarily for the money.

“I have to consider someone to be a good person who truly wants to help people become parents, because if I am referring her, I want this to reflect well on myself as well,” said Rhonda.

Rhonda has referred two women. One is a surrogate who had been with another agency that was short on couples for matching and asked for agency recommendations. The second was a friend who had not been a surrogate previously, but had been researching it for two to three years. When she and her husband were ready to move forward, she chose to go with CSP because of how well Rhonda had spoken of the agency throughout her two journeys. Rhonda felt CSP had a nice balance of protecting surrogates as well as intended parents, while some agencies may be more prone to protecting the intended parents.

“For me, CSP is amazing. I’ve had two journeys with them in four years. They treated me extremely well and they were there when I needed them. I wanted my friends to have the same experience. If I can speak well of surrogacy and a particular agency, why not refer people to the best?“, reflected Rhonda.

As for the referral fee, when Rhonda first began referring friends, she didn’t even know there was one. She hopes to use the extra money to do something fun for herself and her family.

Rhonda has been married for fifteen years, has two kids, and is an aspiring novelist. She learned about surrogacy through her child development class while in high school, but didn’t pursue it until her sister-in-law became a surrogate. By that time, most surrogacies involved donor eggs, so Rhonda felt this was something she could do. She had twins in 2014 with dads who are now like her brothers and recently
delivered a baby boy for a couple to whom she remains very close.

Thank you, Rhonda. We can’t wait to read your novel!