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Donor Breast Milk for New Babies

A new opportunity provides a win-win-win for surrogate mothers, new parents and infants

It all started with a call to our offices. “Are there CSP parents who need breast milk for their newborns?” Immediately CSP was interested.

Medolac Laboratories is an Oregon-based public benefit corporation established in 2009. It is dedicated to ending the longstanding shortage of donor breast milk to infants. Mother Nature’s most nutritious gift is now available on demand! Until now, donor breast milk has been rationed and only available to hospitalized infants. Medolac is partnered with the Mothers Milk Cooperative, and is now one of the largest milk banks globally.

The researchers at Medolac found a way to process human breast milk to create a commercially sterile donor milk product that can be shipped and stored at room temperature, which was a game changer to increase scale and availability to families. Their FDA registered process eliminates all bacteria, viruses and spores, and results in the only commercially sterile, homogenized donor milk available. For the first time, donor milk can be shipped to any location worldwide without refrigeration. This especially benefits premature infants who are immune compromised as well as other babies who do not have access to breast milk and may have difficulty tolerating cow milk-based infant formula.

Medolac’s product has been used by infants in neonatal intensive care units for a little over a year with very positive outcomes. Responding to the growing demand by families, Medolac has started distributing Co-Op donor milk to a wider population, including infants born via surrogacy. Families ordering Co-Op Donor Milk are required to provide a letter stating that their infant is under the care of a physician. (Form letter is available on their website listed below.)

Pricing is available through their website. Shipping is not included in the price, but since the product does not need to be frozen, overnight freight is not required.
A refresher on the main features and benefits:
–Process developed by licensed FDA Process Authority and registered with the low acid food division of the FDA.
–Product is commercially sterile, homogenized, 100% human breast milk with no preservatives or additives.
–Heat treated using the same process used for infant formula.
–Donors and milk are thoroughly screened for a wide array of safety and quality aspects.
— Nutritional quality is retained throughout processing and during the extended shelf life.
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