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Endings and Beginnings – The Way Ahead

Endings and Beginnings – The Way Ahead
A Surrogacy Legacy
by Carey Kinyon

The gift bequeathed, it is time to move on; but, where to go, He only knows.
A year has been spent, coming to know the loving home, where the gift is to go.
It’s a family affair on two sides of the coin; two families for one lucky baby to join.
One family will go with the baby in tow, the other left only with memories to sow.

Sadness and longing cannot be helped, only time will help this healing, this lonesome feeling.
A baby was born, a beautiful thing indeed: the result; a Mother in need.
She’ll need the support of those closest to her; however, I am fine is what she will retort.
All will be aware of the loss is in her heart – ever the strong one, she’ll play the part.

The hours will turn to days and then to weeks, her time with child she fondly speaks.
The gift appears to be one of a kind. Emotional courage for those around her is what she must find-
If she is to do it again…

There are more families out there, but is she the one?
Could this be the time she softly hands over a Son?
It’s been girls before – so close to her heart. Could it be…with a new start?
She ponders and wonders she also mulls. Could this complete her or take a great toll?

Her decision made, she enters their life. They will soon know her – my Wife.
Her body will become a haven again for the most precious of gifts.
The gift of life once given before lies right in the reach of yet two more.
They’ll revere her and protect, for they clearly know what they expect.
They want a baby that they cannot create. She’ll help them do it, and that my friends, is fate.

The dove sings its autumn song, and so it is said: That the way forward, is …

The Way Ahead