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Exercising Safely During Pregnancy

Exercising Safely During Pregnancy

It is vital that you stay healthy while you’re pregnant. Your health directly effects your baby, so it’s important that you eat right and stay active. For many women, it can be hard to get enough exercise while pregnant. Being tired all the time and dealing with morning sickness can make even the most active woman want to stay in bed. With the all clear from your doctor, try out these workout options to stay fit while pregnant.

Walking and Jogging

If you were highly active before your pregnancy, you’ll want to continue that throughout each trimester. You should take care to put less strain on your body, so instead of putting in long runs, take a few short jogs around the block. If that feels uncomfortable, take a long walk around your neighborhood. Even if you’re not at the activity level you were before, a mild workout still has amazing benefits.


There are lots of pregnancy-friendly yoga classes that you can sign up for at your gym, yoga studio, or community center. In the off chance that they don’t offer one, speak with the yoga instructor. A good instructor will be able to help you modify each move to keep you and your baby safe. Your center of balance will have shifted, so be careful when doing more difficult poses. You should also wait until after you’ve had the baby to try any inverted poses.

Weight Lifting

Building and keeping muscle tone is important when you’re pregnant. Moderation is key here, though. While free weights are generally a safe option, stay away from barbells and heavy lifting. You could seriously harm yourself and your baby by pushing yourself too hard. Only try a new workout after consulting your doctor, and work with a personal trainer if you want to do a rigorous workout.