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Financial Aspects for Surrogates

Financial Aspects of Surrogacy
As a surrogate mother, you will receive a financial package that will cover all expenses and reimburse your for lost wages while you are pregnant. The amount of compensation depends on many different factors and will be discussed one-on-one with a Surrogate Mother Coordinator before the process begins.

If you need the help of a surrogate, you will be presented with estimated total cost sheets for each surrogate you consider. The process should be as transparent and straightforward as possible when learning what you can expect to pay.

Medical Costs

The embryo transfer fees, doctor’s visits, hospital stay and delivery, along with everything in between will be covered by the intended parents’ trust account. You also won’t have to worry about covering your own insurance costs.

The total amounts you receive are dependent upon many factors, including the distance you live from the fertility clinic, whether or not you are on bed rest, and your method of delivery.


As the surrogate mother, you will be reimbursed for all travel expenses you have during the whole process. This includes mileage to and from the fertility clinic, doctor’s office, and hospital. The travel fees also include air travel, ground transportation, and hotel if necessary.

Lifestyle Changes

Pregnancy causes your body to go through many changes, and you will need some help keeping up with those changes. This is why you will be given an allowance for maternity clothes to accommodate your changing body. You will also be provided with childcare and housekeeping beginning the 34th week of pregnancy so you can focus on staying healthy and well-rested.

You will also be able to attend group support meetings to discuss your feelings and concerns with others in a similar situation.

Once you give birth, you will be reimbursed for lost wages while taking maternity leave, even though the baby doesn’t go home with you. You will still need time to recover mentally and physically from the pregnancy and delivery.