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Text “HAPPY” To (818) 714-7277

Text “HAPPY” to (818) 714-7277 to find out if you prequalify to be a surrogate

Interested in becoming a surrogate but don’t know how to get started? The Center for Surrogate Parenting makes it easy. All you have to do is text “HAPPY” to (818) 714-7277 and a caring team member will help you discover if you prequalify to be a surrogate. There’s no commitment to take this first step and learn more over text.

If you do prequalify, we can help answer your questions and explain the next steps if you decide to move forward with this beautiful and life-changing journey.

The benefits of becoming a surrogate

If you loved being pregnant and want to help someone else experience the happiness that comes with being a parent, you’ll want to text “HAPPY” to (818) 714-7277. If you prequalify to be a surrogate, you’ll move one step closer to experiencing the benefits of becoming a surrogate.

  • Make dreams come true. People who come to us can’t have a biological child without help from surrogacy. A caring surrogate like you can make parenthood possible for them.
  • Enjoy pregnancy again. Many women find that nothing compares to being pregnant. As a surrogate, you can experience the miracle of pregnancy and childbirth again.
  • Develop lifelong relationships. As a surrogate, you have the opportunity to develop meaningful relationships with the intended parents you help and other surrogates.

Finally, you’ll earn generous compensation that can help you support yourself and your own family. As a surrogate with us, you’ll receive a fully funded trust account to cover your medical and other expenses. Our team will also ensure that you have health insurance, if needed.


Take the first step and text “HAPPY” to (818) 714-7277

If you want to experience the benefits of becoming a surrogate for yourself, find out if you prequalify to be a surrogate.

Just text “HAPPY” to (818) 714-7277 to begin this no-commitment process through our secure texting platform.

A single text could be the start of your journey to change lives and help build families.