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Healthy Fruits When Pregnant

3 Miracle Fruits Every Pregnant Woman Should Eat
When you are pregnant, it is important to provide your baby and yourself with nutrients that you may not know you are lacking. The following are 3 miracle fruits every pregnant woman should eat for a healthy pregnancy.


You may not realize that an avocado is a fruit, but it is. The avocado has many health benefits for everybody, but especially pregnant women. When a woman is pregnant, she uses a great deal of folic acid to give to her baby which can leave her lacking in that vitamin for herself. Folic acid can also help protect against congenital abnormalities that can form before and during pregnancy.


During pregnancy, many women can experience indigestion. This unfortunate side effect is due to a number of changes happening in the body. To help aid in digestion, mangos are great to add to a pregnancy diet. An added benefit to this fruit is that it contains vitamin A and C which are essentials for pregnant women.


Citrus fruits are high in vitamin C which every pregnant woman needs. There are several citrus fruits that can be added to a pregnancy diet that have this vitamin along with other benefits such as lemons, which help with digestion and sweet limes, which help reduce nausea.

When it comes the knowing what to eat while pregnant, it is always best for surrogate mothers to check with a doctor to make sure that certain foods are safe to consume for both baby and mother. Your doctor can help you establish and incorporate healthy eating habits into your lifestyle.