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Protecting Surrogate Mothers

Protecting surrogate mothers – Steps CSP takes

While considering becoming a surrogate mother many concerns can come to mind. Carrying a child for another person is a life-altering undertaking, so this is only natural. The Center for Surrogate Parenting (CSP) believes in protecting surrogate mothers.

Protecting surrogate mothers and their finances

Finances are a concern for any family. A big concern for a potential surrogate mother is that her surrogate pregnancy could negatively impact her family’s financial well-being. There are horror stories online of surrogate mothers being left with medical bills for their surrogate pregnancy. This only happens the parties don’t discuss finances up front and don’t have a plan. This has never happened at CSP.

We have safeguards in place for protecting surrogate mothers. We create and manage a trust account for each of our parents. This fully funded account contains the estimated cost of the pregnancy before the surrogate mother ever starts medications. Each surrogate mother also has a dedicated Trust Coordinator to manage those funds on behalf of her and the parents. Because these funds are on-site and available, we can absolutely guarantee the surrogate mother will never be left with unpaid pregnancy-related bills.


Many potential surrogate mothers also have concerns about what their relationship with their intended parents will be like. They may think to themselves, “Will they share our values?” or “Will they be a good match for my family and me?” Navigating these questions and this unique relationship can certainly be difficult and emotionally-charged. This is why it is so important to have professional help throughout the surrogate journey.

With CSP a surrogate mother will never face these challenges alone. CSP works closely with Counseling Associates, an independent group of licensed counselors. A counselor is available any time day or night to navigate these issues as they come up. They are also responsible for making matches based on the psychological profile of the surrogate mother and the intended parents. They have been doing this for over 30 years, so they have years of experience making matches that are conducive to a successful surrogacy journey. Also, the fact that your counselor is an independent contractor, not a CSP employee, makes them an objective third party for you to go to if necessary. We do this to avoid any conflict of interest that could arise.


The legal ramifications of surrogacy are a concern for all parties. All CSP surrogate mothers select their own legal counsel. While the fees are paid for by the intended parents through their trust account, the attorney is independent and has a client/attorney relationship with the surrogate mother. All of our surrogate mothers have a full contract review with their attorney and a full review with their trust coordinator at CSP prior to that. The contract is lengthy, but it covers every scenario that has come up in our 30+ years of experience. Our surrogate mothers can rest easily knowing that their needs are anticipated and their well-being ensured with our contract.

Medically protecting surrogate mothers

Of course, every surrogate mother is concerned for her physical health and safety. While no pregnancy is ever completely risk-free, we do everything within our power to properly screen candidates and make sure that we never put anyone in harm’s way or take unnecessary risks.

Your intended parents’ doctor will also screen you, just to be sure that you are healthy and able to be a gestational surrogate. All parties go into this with your health and safety at the forefront of their concerns.

The Center for Surrogate Parenting is and has always been dedicated to protecting our surrogate mothers. As you move forward on your journey of helping a family experience the gift of parenthood, you can rest easy knowing that everything we do is done with your best interests at heart. Contact us to learn more about our steps for protecting surrogate mothers.