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How Surrogacy Works

How Surrogacy Works
Creating a family is a wonderful experience, and in this day and age, there are a lot of different ways to go about this. Here at CSP Inc, we love helping couples bring children into their lives through the means of surrogacy. Many people do not fully understand this process. If you’ve been wondering how surrogacy works, read this simplified explanation of how we help create loving family units.

Application and Screening for Surrogate Mothers

Women who desire to carry a baby for a couple who are able to become pregnant will submit applications to our surrogacy program. We want the babies from our programs to be healthy and well taken care of, so there are a lot of requirements for those who wish to participate.

After medical screenings, interviews, and extensive background checks, the surrogates are then added into our system and are ready to go on to the next step.

Matching Surrogates with Parents

When a surrogate is ready, her counselor will send her profiles of hopeful parents to find a couple that she would like to carry a baby for. This choice is very important, and we try to provide the mothers with as much information as possible. The counselor is key to this aspect of the process and the value of her professional experience in making this decision is very important.

Medical Care and Procedures

Once a decision is made, the surrogate meets her couple, the trust account is funded and medical procedures begin. There are a number of things that will happen, including taking supplements, tracking ovulation and undergoing an embryo transfer. The technology available to make this happen is seen as a miracle by many people.

Pregnancy and Birth

The pregnancy of our surrogate babies is much like any other pregnancy. Regular medical checkups will be made, and between our staff and the chosen couple, she will have as much support as she needs. If you and the couple so desire, the couple can be present at all checkups and the birth of their child.

This is a beautiful process that allows infertile couples to finally become the parents they have always dreamed of being. Surrogacy is just one of the many ways to overcome infertility.