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How to Be a Supportive Partner

How to Be a Supportive Partner
Surrogacy is an amazing process that allows couples to enjoy the beauty of parenthood. Here at CSP, we work with a lot of couples to help them have a family, and we have seen that support through all the stages is very important. This is a very different process than what traditional pregnancies entail, and as such, requires some unique and constant support. Here are some tips to being a supportive partner through the process.

Never Place Blame

It is very stressful for intended parents who want to have a family naturally and have not been able to. You can be supportive to your partner by never saying anything that might be construed as blame.

Make Plans

We have seen very stressed out intended parents regain smiles and hope just by making some plans for the future. If you feel your partner starting to lose hope, then sit down and discuss what kind of vacations you will take with your child, possible baby names, and the activities you hope your child enjoys. This hopeful dreaming can be a lot of fun and lighten up the mood.

Make Choices Together

There are some huge decisions to be made throughout this process. You need to stay as unified as you can possibly be as you make these choices. These will include who your surrogate will be, and which IVF process you select. Keep your channels of communication open and be honest with each other.

Support the Chosen Surrogate

The woman you choose to bear your child is giving you an incredible gift, and she will experience some hard times throughout the process. You can show support to your partner by taking time to support the surrogate. Going together for visits, attending doctor appointments, and offering gifts and other pampering items to this woman can be a good way for you to bond with your partner and have hope for the future.