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How to Get Matched With a Surrogate

How CSP helps you get matched with a surrogate

Choosing a surrogate is an important step, one that involves emotional, mental, and physical considerations. It is daunting to search for a surrogate on your own because it’s an involved process. This process can become a much easier experience with the assistance of CSP. Our surrogate matching process encompasses the mental, physical and financial aspects. We also give special consideration to the personal preferences of the parents and the surrogate. Learn more about how you can get matched with a surrogate at CSP.

A life-changing application to get matched with a surrogate

The surrogate matching process begins with the application. Both the parents and the surrogate have to apply for the program. Both parties should learn about surrogacy, IVF and the different options available. Parents will also meet with CSP staff in person or via Skype for a consultation to discuss personal preferences. We, in turn, do our best to help you get matched with a surrogate who values the same ideologies.

The parents’ choice

The choice of the parents is very important. You are choosing a woman to carry your baby through pregnancy and deliver that baby. You will not only bond with the surrogate during the pregnancy, but after the delivery and, we hope, for years to come.

After the surrogate candidate completes her screenings and evaluations, your counselor with work with you to establish needs and wants. Surrogates will review the parents’ profiles and the parents will see the profiles of surrogates.

The surrogate’s choice

One of the great things that sets CSP apart is the opportunity we provide surrogates to choose the parents that she wishes to help. When both the surrogate and the parents choose each other, it is a beautiful start to an essential family bond. Before the parents receive surrogate profiles, they prepare profiles of themselves. It’s important that both parties are confident that they can work together throughout the surrogacy journey. This is an important part when you get matched with a surrogate.

Surrogate requirements

The requirements for becoming a surrogate make our matching process one of the most thorough. According to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, a surrogate mother should receive screening for her likelihood to be able to carry a pregnancy to full-term and complete a successful delivery. CSP takes this requirement very seriously.

Our surrogate application includes several checks, including age, health and disease screenings, mental health, support systems, financial stability, and a level of openness to communication with the parents.

Get matched with a surrogate and the first meeting

Once a surrogate and the parents have agreed to work together, a CSP counselor will help coordinate and attend a meeting with them. This gives everyone the chance to make their ultimate decision after meeting in person. The first meeting is your chance to connect and establish the beginning of what will be more than a friendship.

Legal and financial consideration

After the match, CSP helps manage the process of the surrogacy journey. This involves completing legal contracts and placing money into a trust account to cover the surrogacy and to compensate the surrogate. CSP strives to simplify the matching process by making these practicalities as simple as possible so that you never have to worry about unexpected situations.

Prenatal and postnatal after you get matched with a surrogate

The surrogate matching process involves more than making the initial decision and signing to the legal terms. CSP wants the match to continue to be successful throughout the entire pregnancy and afterward. We help to foster contact between the parents and the surrogate during the pregnancy and birth. We strongly believe that this match will bring greater joy, love, and fulfillment to everyone. At CSP, we believe that there is nothing more beautiful than creating a family!