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How to Make Being Pregnant in the Workplace Easier

How to Make Being Pregnant in the Workplace Easier

Being a mother is the hardest job in the world. It’s true, they’ve done studies on it. And it’s even harder when you work outside the home. Being a working mother, you now have 2 jobs, and one of them requires you to be “on” every hour of every day. Whether you’re pregnant with your first child or your fifth, here are a few ways to make being pregnant in the workplace a little easier.

Reduce Stress

Being a working mother means that your stress levels are high–all the time. It’s important that you reduce that level as much as you can. Set aside a little bit of time every day and just focus on yourself. Whether this is taking a few minutes at the start of the day for meditation or winding down at night with a bubble bath, find something that works for you.

Stop Overworking

A lot of working mothers feel like they need to prove themselves at work, but if you’re starting to feel overworked, you need to make a change. Talk with your boss about transferring some of your larger projects to your coworkers in preparation for your maternity leave. You should also stop bringing work home with you at the end of the day, and don’t check your email over the weekend. Even something small, like taking a walk on your lunch break can make a difference.

Attend Support Meetings

And finally, remember that the Center for Surrogate Parenting offers fantastic group support meetings for pregnant mothers. These meetings can help provide insight from mothers who have been in similar situations. For more information on these meetings, contact CSP today!