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Importance of Doing Surrogacy in the U.S.

The Importance of Doing Surrogacy in the U.S.
Family planning is one of the most important things that mature, stable U.S. citizens do. No matter how much money someone makes or how important their job is, nothing is more important than the way they raise their children. While many couples have children the traditional way or go through adoption agencies to expand their families, there is another option: surrogacy.

What Is Surrogacy?

Surrogate parenting is when a willing, healthy, and well-screened woman agrees to carry and birth another couple’s baby. This is common when there are fertility issues or when carrying a child could cause serious health or other issues for the woman. When done properly, surrogacy is a valid, safe, and beautiful option for having children. Unlike adoption, surrogacy allows parents to have a genetic tie to their child and allows them to be involved in prenatal care as well as present at the delivery. Without a doubt, surrogacy is the closest parents can get to having a child the natural way.

When Surrogacy Becomes Tragedy

Despite all of the wonderful experiences we have seen and shared over the years, we know that there are also some very sad surrogacy stories out there. Some of the saddest occur when people decide to use foreign surrogacy services. As most people know, the laws and regulations that exist in the United States don’t exist in other countries.

Citizenship Issues Are Common

Just as with so many other businesses in the United States, India has tried to establish itself as the go-to country for surrogacy. However, due to differences in India’s laws and those of other countries, many parents have been denied their babies due to citizenship problems. Oftentimes, if children are born in a country other than where the intended parents live, the children may not be granted citizenship in the intended parents’ country.

A State’s Issue

When it comes to surrogacy laws in the United States, individual states vary. While each state may have its own laws regarding whether intended parents can have their names on the birth certificate, there is no worry that the child will not be a United States citizen.

Legal Understanding and Support

Due to the fact that surrogacy has become a more accepted practice in the United States, the courts, surrogacy agencies, and individual surrogates are more likely to support the rights of intended parents than are the governments of other countries.