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Kristy’s Story…..

Like many surrogate mothers, Kristy Whatley was motivated to pursue surrogacy because of wanting to help a family member who had trouble conceiving. Eighteen years ago, surrogacy was still in its infancy, but nonetheless it intrigued Kristy. Also one of her co-workers at the day care center where she was employed was working with CSP. Eventually, the time was right for Kristy to fulfill her dream. She attended a group meeting with CSP surrogate Stacie (Grebner) and decided to act. That was the end of 2000 and by August 2001 she had an embryo transfer with a couple from Belgium for whom she carried their daughter, Caroline, who was born in May of 2002.

Says Kristy: “The feeling of seeing the parents together with their daughter was amazing. Watching the mom hold her little girl was more than I could ever ask for. That in itself made the journey absolutely worth it.” Kristy still keeps in touch with this family (and others) through texting and email.

But once her first journey was over, Kristy felt an overwhelming desire to try surrogacy again, which she did three more times. Like many, she also has experienced the ups and downs that accompany most journeys. In 2004 she delivered twins for a California couple who got pregnant on the third transfer, though she had to remain on bed rest for the last trimester, which was difficult with two children at home. In 2007, surrogacy tugged at her heartstrings once more and she contracted with another local couple for whom she delivered a boy. She engaged with her second international couple and gave birth to another boy in 2013. Six weeks postpartum, however, Kristy, experienced serious hemorrhaging that required a hysterectomy. Through it all, however, CSP had Kristy’s back and supported her.

Though her surrogacy days are behind her, Kristy is grateful for the opportunities she has had with CSP to change so many people’s lives.