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Latest Technology in Pregnancy

The Latest Technology in Pregnancy
Pregnancy is an exciting, mysterious, and sometimes stressful time in the lives of expecting parents. With new advances in technology, we are learning more and more about pregnancy and more and more products are being developed which help parents bond with, monitor, and protect their babies in utero. Here is some of the latest pregnancy technology that is coming out on the market.

Wearable Technologies

There are several different kinds of wearable technologies that are being developed or are already out on the market. Wearable speakers that attach to the belly are an increasingly popular technology. Since babies can hear while in the womb, speakers have been developed that can play soothing music and even transmit and magnify the sound of mom and dad’s voices to the baby. At home monitoring systems are also available. These record babies heartbeat, kicks, and other important signs that help parents know how their baby is progressing. These wearable monitoring devices can also help dad connect more with baby. There is even a product in the works that combines fetal monitoring, speakers, and radiation-shielding technology to protect baby from radiation emitted from phones, computers, and our environment.

Utilizing the Smart Phone

With the increasing prevalence of smart phones, new apps are constantly being developed. There are an abundance of pregnancy apps that provide information and support for pregnant moms. There are also apps directed specifically to dads. Expecting parents often have a lot of questions throughout the pregnancy process. Many apps provide scholarly articles, FAQ sections, helpful videos, and chat centers where parents can seek advice, comfort, and support from other parents. There are also some apps that can help doctors. A new app that monitors a laboring mother and sends the information to her obstetrician can help the OB know when to come check on the mother, if the mother or baby is in distress, if interventions need to be planned, and when the mother will likely be ready to push.

Controversial Technology

There are many controversial pregnancy or reproductive technologies, some that are currently legal and available to the public and some that are still being explored and debated because of ethical issues. Genetic testing, Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART), and gender selection are a few of these debated technologies.