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Surrogacy for Gay Parents

We support surrogacy for gay parents

Over the years, our surrogacy agency has helped many people navigate surrogacy for gay parents. We’re pleased to share that more than 30% of those who come to us hoping to become parents are LGBTQ individuals, seeking out the support of our compassionate and knowledgeable team.

How surrogacy for gay parents works

While the process of surrogacy for gay parents is very similar to what other parents experience with CSP, there are a few unique considerations. To simplify the process, we provide comprehensive guidance each step of the way.

  • Selecting a fully screened surrogate. Once you’ve decided to move forward with surrogacy, we match you with a gestational surrogate who will give you the best chance of having a baby. All gestational surrogates we work with go through extensive physical and psychological health screening evaluations to confirm they are a good fit.
  • Compassionate gestational surrogates. We ensure that all women we work with have chosen to become a surrogate because of a desire to help parents have a child of their own. Regarding surrogacy for gay parents, our surrogacy agency makes sure to match you with a surrogate who is supportive of the LGBTQ community.
  • Egg donor selection. Because gay couples and individuals will require an egg donor, we are happy to help you find just the right donor through our partner egg donor agency, Ovation® Donor Services. Ovation offers immediate access to frozen donor eggs in customized lots, so you can get started as soon as your surrogate is ready. The eggs from your chosen donor will be shipped to your fertility specialist for thawing and fertilization, and then he or she will transfer the healthiest embryo to your surrogate’s uterus.
  • Storage of reproductive material. Should you wish to preserve frozen eggs, embryos or your donor’s sperm for a future biological sibling, we can give you access to secure long-term storage through an exclusive partnership with Ovation® Fertility Storage Solutions.
  • Same-sex surrogacy laws. Because specific U.S. and international laws apply to surrogacy for gay parents, we connect you with a reputable lawyer well-versed in the surrogacy laws of your area. As experts in international gay surrogacy, CSP has served hundreds of gay parents who have traveled to the United States for surrogacy. In every case, their babies have been able to return with them to their home countries, thanks to our thorough attention to every legal detail.
  • Communication facilitation. Once your surrogate has a positive pregnancy test, we help you plan for your involvement in the pregnancy and birth. If you and your surrogate want to stay in touch after your baby’s birth, we can help facilitate that process.

Our team knows what an important experience this is for you, so we thoughtfully assist you at every step, from the selection of your surrogate to the unforgettable day that you finally hold your baby for the first time.

Take the next step towards fatherhood

If you’re ready to move forward with surrogacy, we look forward to being part of your journey. The first step is completing our online application. From there, we will contact you and help you move forward with your application and meeting your case manager. When you’re ready to move ahead, we will help you schedule the required medical testing before you select your ideal surrogate.

Our surrogacy agency looks forward to helping you fulfill your dream of becoming a father. Contact us for more information about surrogacy for gay parents.