Center for Surrogate Parenting, LLC.


Meet Our Nevada Staff

Michele Subia

With close to 20 years of surrogacy experience, Michele recently joined the CSP team. Michele’s first surrogacy journey was with CSP in 1996 as a traditional surrogate. She had a wonderful experience delivering a boy, and knew she had found something special in helping an infertile couple have a family. Michele went on to do two egg donations and four more surrogate journeys over the next 15 years.

Michele has wanted to continue to help create families beyond her own journeys, and has been active in the Las Vegas community with many surrogate and intended parent forums and groups. The joys and experiences she has to share with others have given her great compassion and she brings these assets to work at CSP.

Married 25 years with two daughters, she is also blessed with five beautiful grandchildren. They have all been such an amazing support through her years in the surrogacy world, and her own daughters have mentioned possibly following in mom’s footsteps. With all her experience and her compassion to help women who want to become surrogate mothers, Michele is eager to be an effective coordinator in our Nevada area.

Robert M. Tzall, Esq.

Principal of the Law Offices of Robert M. Tzall, Mr. Tzall provides comprehensive legal and counseling services to individuals and couples utilizing assisted reproductive
techniques (ART) to experience the joys of parenthood. The firm also represents clients in Nevada, New York, and New Jersey in commercial and real estate transactions, regulatory matters, and commercial collections. A graduate of U.C.L.A. and the University Of Miami School Of Law, Robert is admitted to practice law in Nevada, New York and New Jersey. He serves of counsel to Vorzimer Masserman, a California-based law firm internationally recognized as experts in reproductive Law. Robert lives with his wife and three children in Henderson, NV, where he is involved in local politics and business development efforts.