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One Day Not Enough to Celebrate Being a Parent

One Day is Not Enough to Celebrate Being a Parent

This would be the first “Father’s Day” to celebrate! We’re so happy and impressed at how quickly everything happened. From the first time we arrived at CSP and met all the staff members until today that our son Roberto is already 10 months old…

Without any doubt this has been an unmatchable experience in our lives. A journey that has been filled with moments that put a mark in our lives, but especially filled with people that have left a mark forever and thanks to whom we’re the family that we always wanted to be. Definitely, there is no better gift in life than being fathers and that is the reason that we’re deeply grateful to all the people that were involved in the process: CSP staff members, Dr. Tourgeman and all the staff members at HRC, Andy, and specially Heather….the best surrogate mom one could ever have!

It is very important for us to be able to share our experience and be an example of an unconventional family for all those people or couples that are seeking to create a family and that don’t know where to start…it is a wonderful journey that is worth embarking on!

Nowadays, Roberto, at 10 months old is a wonderful baby, who has filled our homes with great happiness. Since the day he was born and the first time we had him in our arms, until today when he just stood up for the first time, we have celebrated “Father’s Day” because one day is not enough to celebrate the profound happiness of being a parent.